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Land of God - Bali

Friday, November 26, 2010

Beautiful afternoon without sunset, bcoz it's cloudy
(Tanah Lot)

New born Miss Butterfly. Have to dry her beautiful wings, although in upside down condition.
(Butterfly garden)

It's not afternoon yet...
(Dreamland Beach)

Bali dancer performance
(In Jimbaran Beach at night)

Enjoy the sunset with someone special..
(Jimbaran Beach)

Another waiting sunset moment. Bli* hold a camera in his hand, and patiently waiting the right moment to capture a sunset..
(Jimbaran Beach)

It's not all picture i had, actually. but i do selected the most i love from more than a thousand pics i snap in Bali. Have some more, but i need to do editing before i post here. I went to Bali last October on Global Classroom Bali trip with my classmates and a lecturer. It was a blast and we had so much fun there. Although i am from Indonesia, but visiting one of amazing island in the world still would be my pleasure.

This my 3rd time i visited Bali. And still love the beaches, the people, the smell, the tradition and all, it's like went back home again. For sure i will visit more later...

so for you guys, who wanted to visit or have plan to come there, then please enjoy your trip. Please enjoy Bali, the Land of God, as much as me... :-D

*Bli in Balinese language means brother or abang/kakak in Indonesia
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