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Launched 'Dictionary of Sweet Moments' Labels

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Here, collection of extraordinary sweet moments, that you can do for/with your someone special, bf/gf, best friend, family or anyone you know.

I'll tell you, how make it someone smiling with your small little surprise. If we can do with the simple way, but will give you the sweet moments ever, why you go for something expensive and complicated? it's not something over budget, if you know how use it wisely.

The truth is, do everything with your heart. You'll be surprise that the small things you do, can make someone smiling... It is nice right?

And i also ask you, if you have any idea of sweet moments you had done to your lover and want to share it with the other, please send email to me with your name and your place to here : i'll wait for your email, so can post it soon.

for the first post, i'll do it soon...
Happy sweet moments.. let's spread sweet smile, everywhere!!!

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