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A Letter of Given Up

Monday, November 22, 2010
It has been almost a year since I knew him. Close. And almost two years, I knew him, from far.
Maybe he's looking for love, or maybe not?

Exploring his world is the one I liked. It's not being a stalker. But to know what he thinks is the one thing I wanted to know also.
I wish I had that ability. Read minds! and he was the first person I wanted to know, what was passed in his mind.

Maybe he's looking for love, or maybe not?

Dear, Prince of Words :
Do you have that feeling for me?
Will you belong to me?
Do you miss me, when I feel the same?
Is there something wrong, with my feeling to you?
All that question still spinning around on my mind, when I come alone.

You know what, people have been told me all the time, that my feel to you was something impossible to be come true. That you won't ever love me back, or at least looking at me.

You know what, Dear Prince of Word, I tried to keep telling my self that maybe have some miracle would happen here, when I have faith in my life, and someday, you could see me just as a girl who like you most.

Am i looks like a crazy girl? Hey, but I'm just a girl. Who like someone very much. Did I do something wrong? Did I say something wrong?

Maybe, next time I would have courage to say it to you. Directly.

Maybe, this time is my time to turning back, to another life, and without you standing there.
I need my time back.
Maybe my friends rite, I just need to be alone.

For a while.

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2 comments on "A Letter of Given Up"
  1. Wah serem... who is this?? just close friend who know this stupid initial...

    *psstt : don't say it in here. move to ym or msn...


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