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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mr. Grey
(Peri Hutan Cat)

Today, Peri Hutan face is not shinny. At all. Her soulmate leave without saying goodbye. One of her best friend, even disappear without waving his beautiful tail. Mr. Grey missing!!!

Since Mr Grey the cat, was gone, it was makes Peri Hutan sad and housemates as well. No one knew where Mr. Grey walked away, no one knows also when Mr. Grey will back home.
She doesn't like this. She was used to hear the cat snores everyday, and now even none at all.

Mr. Grey is too precious. Its not money, but love.
Although all fairies busy looking for him, Mr Grey is still not coming back.

Peri hutan only could pray, Mr. Grey is safe wherever he is.
And may God protect him.
And hopefully he can return as soon as possible.
Peri Hutan miss him.
She missed his snoring.
She missed his beautiful tail.
She missed his naughty smile.
She missed her lovely cat.

Wish he come home, anytime soon. T_T
3 comments on "Mr Grey MISSING!!"
  1. Hm, tak sangka ya? Sebab baru saja main with him last night~ Mau buat wanted poster to search for him? -sofia-

  2. Iyaaa.. i sedih betul lahh.. macam pagi pun, i rasa dengar dia snoring, rasa dia masih di kamar. but when realize he's not at home, i start crying again...

    ya lahh.. me and reelaya nak buat wanted poster tu... wish can found him anytime soon. missed him already. rasa beda sangat rumah tak ada Grey.

  3. we found him already. full report? later, after i come back there!!


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