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Stupidly Clumsy In Love

Sunday, November 07, 2010
For past a year, I've been in love.

To you :
My prince of word.
My charming and brownies skin prince.
My kind and good friend prince.
My.. Oh My..

I admit. It was blind. It was hurt. But at the same time, it was fun. I enjoyed every second I can see ur eyes.
To be in love for whole time (see, its not a part time job), brought me a lot of to think about.

Try to focusing my heart and mind just for him (Prince of Words) and got a lot of rejected feeling wasn't easy for sure. But its like my heart, teach me, to do not just give up.

It's like they saying, you still have a lot of time, to be in love and to be in hurt.

I called, for my case with him is "Stupidly Clumsy in love". I called it stupid, and its clumsy. In love in the wrong time, on the wrong place. Is there any possibility that I've been in love just with the wrong person?

It's been a year, same person, and get nothing.. What I called by stupidly clumsy ~~~ in love with you...
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