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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
If you think he speaks a lot, you are totally wrong. He don't.

If you think his move said anything about him, you are wrong. He don't.

If you think he tell the story like I did, you are wrong. He won't.

If you think he would tell you detail about his day or how he ends his week, when u asked, maybe... You close to the right thing.

He has all of it in his mind, didn't say much, laughing deeply. Personally I said, he's not that charming. He's not that handsome. But yes, he has point of kindness, friendly, and gentle

He has nothing particularly special, but he succeed to stole my heart

He don't have a sexy lips, but when he smiles, my heart feels like stop beating.

When everyone looking at me, only him who can't, but that's make him special.

When talks about him, anger love n emotional become one.

He's speaks about his world, without saying anything. Because he doesn't say much, he said anything with his heart and his eyes, that's why I called him Prince of Words.

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