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Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Menjelang tahun baru, iseng bikin recap nih. so thx for facebook, reader ku banyak dari sana.
aktif blogging dari May 2010, pageviews all times history got 980. happy.. mungkin aku masih amatir dan baru, tapi itu bikin aku tambah semangat nulis..

So, top 10 post :

Top 10 audience from country :
1. Malaysia 6. Italy
2. Indonesia 7. Singapore
3. United States 8. United Kingdom
4. Canada 9. India
5. Pakistan 10. Japan

Thx guys. i'm really appreciate even you just open and reading it.. Love yaa... :)
will upload some more. Follow me, and you won't miss it out!

What a sweet Couple!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Well this my mom and i, in somewhere around Orchard road. it was raining. and nothing to do except waiting and hehe took some pic ofc.

Miss them so badly when i was away from home!
Having time together with them is like a gift. my dad is really busy, my mom is same one. and i, just went back home every 6 months. it's like a really difficult to get time for real family holiday. so, if you have more time with your parents, then be grateful. not everyone of us can get that the precious family time...

Family Potrait

Full formation + my grandma

Mom, dad, my bro and i, took family pic in front of my grandma house.
it's tradition..

Hoooohhhh!!! My Bro was 'pretend' to be cool.. hahaha :p

Only dad and his little girl.. :p still, i am..

Upload-ing myself

@ Sushi King, KLCC Suria Mall. My dad that time came by just a day actually for work in another place. but it was after my bday, so he came for 'celebrate' my bday just two of us. i was crying actually when drop him in the airport..

Well, im not model. and i know sometimes camera hates me :p but i just want to have fun..

Mom, dad and i... @ somewhere, Tanjung Uban. it was after Happy Eid, we had family holiday together..

And..... when i have nothing to do, i'll upload-ing myself.
*that one is my younger sista..

25th Dec in Spore

Sunday, December 26, 2010
So here i am in Spore now. but all i can say is my holiday turn out to something i even cant think would happen. My dad 99% maybe wouldnt make it to come to spent holiday together. i heard that (shit) after booked all ticket and hotel, ticket back home still not confirm yet, thx God.

then, not much to tell actually. my first day in singapore, i was walking (yes walk with 2 feet) from my hotel area (170 bencoolen street, its ibis hotel) around bugis to the famous and crowded with huge mall in every where we can turn around our head, Orchad road. it was crowded, totally. oh my leg was so big after that. its not to far, but still. i walked Orchad 3 times around from corner to another. exhausted... and a young girl in the middle of crowded area suddenly screaming!! bcoz old man by accident hit her. and she got small scratch (& bleeding too) on her arm. yeah you can tell, she was start to yelling and make people watched her. soo stupid. poor uncle (old man)... :(

i think they little bit stressed out. this city/country is soo busy like hell. even here a lot of shopping malls, but not everytime shop will turn down your stress. maybe they need some space..

it was on 25th Dec, on Christmas. its like everybody went out and walked around Orchad Road, and make it full. they even blocked the road, so people can spread walking, took pics or even chit chat in the middle of road. but someone said that place will 3 times more crowded on New Years eve, until you cant walk...
that night made my emotion wont come down. Hot to the max. and my camera (nikon D70s) is not too good (no zoom lens) for that time, and heavy. im not enjoy at all. trying to, but more i try more i got heat up. but here's some pics i took. just small lamp everywhere, and Christmas ornament..

all in orchad road.

but after all this, still happy 25th dec to whoever celebrate the night eve! hope God bless you all!!

Top 10 My Favorite iTouch Apps 2010

Saturday, December 25, 2010
Top 10 Fav Game on my iTouch :
1. Plant Bloom

2. Tetris

3. Tap Tap Revenge 3

4. Cut the Rope

5. Talking Tom

6. Moron test

7. Cut Cut Birds

8. Paper Toss

9. Paper Ninja

10. Angry Birds

If you see most of this games are for kid actually, but trust me, they really works for kill the time. They make you addicted. Totally. If you ask me how, why you just not try them on one by one? They are a lot of fun, to spent with your friends and/or family!!

Happy Holiday & Enjoy Play them all

Ok, so now, when i dont know what to do to kill the time, like now. i have morning flight to Singapore tomorrow for celebrating Christmas (No im not. just love the moment) with my mom and sister. and i cant sleep. i didnt packing yet. i'll write about my short trip there later, with the pics.

Well, then, Merry Christmas for all of you who celebrate it. Im not celebrate Christmas, but i enough enjoy with this event. When red, white and green in everywhere. Hmm, wish Indonesia got snowy somehow.
So Merry Christmas!!

QtD 25th Dec 2010 : Clothes & Beautiful Life

"When you wear a beautiful clothes, you will have a beautiful life.."
- Jinbo Miki, Real Clothes -

QtD 24th Dec 2010 : Love & Shoes

Friday, December 24, 2010

A relationship is like choosing a pair of shoes. First, you choose by appearance. But you don't know if they would fit you or not, so you have to try them on. Even if they fit others perfectly, you might get blisters from them.

How about yours? is that the fit one?

Being in love is fine, but you cant do anything if it is a blind love. it'll slow you down.

- Jinbo Miki, Real Clothes -

QtD 23rd Dec 2010 : Love & Destiny

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Love has their own time and destiny."

Now i know what people said that,
"Love will find us, if God say yes. Love will find us, if we meet the right time. Love will find us, if it is the destiny."
In the end, everything is gonna be okay.

QtD 22 Dec 2010 : Respect Yourself More!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Love and respect yourself. You deserve better."

If someone you like even never care what you doin, then dont give your attention. Is not about do revenge. Love your self more than them. Give a respect more to yourself. Dont think about someone who never give you respect. Totally waste your time..
Maybe, they are just NOT worth it!

Top 5 Things I Cant Go Out Without

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
This what always inside my bag, whenever i go out.

1. A wallet.
With money and cards (id card, student card, member card, insurance card, ATM & credit card), and a copy of my passport.
ofc i cant go out without this, even when i go out with parents. i still need this.

2. HP.
here, means my BB. although now just using for call and texting. and at least have to has 3 bar charged. go out with phone but no battery means dead.

3. iPod.
ah yaa, since i have this, i cant go out without him. although maybe i wont using it in my day, still i feel i have to bring it. its not just music, but also a bunch of game, and my notes here. so important.

4. Perfume. Lip balm. and hair pin.
here, means my white musk body shop. smell like a baby. sweet. my favorite.
and lip balm also is a must. i choose lip balm than lipstick. better moisturizer than color.

5. a cardigan.
this one also is a must. No one would know what is gonna happen next right. so better prepare before something unwanted happen. and i hate got stuck in cold place.. i always need this.

so, this is mine. how about yours?

QtD 21st Dec 2010

A coincidence could be a gold opportunity to start something, but all is depend on you and your lucky time.

Top 15 my high score and favorite songs in Tap Tap Revenge 3

Monday, December 20, 2010

For you who dont know about tap tap revenge 3, you can search on google. Tap Tap Revenge 3 is a top, great and favoritee game for ipod, iphone and ipad. i love this game soo muchy and this is my favorite songs that i always play. its like dance game (like dance dance revolution, guitar hero, or para-para) but using your finger with songs. usually 3 fingers..

you also can play 2 players with your friends, or play online if you have internet connection. you can do battle also with the strangers. you can buy songs from iTunes. and for more info you can open their own website at

and they have Tap Tap Revenge 4 out now, FREE on iTunes. i've download it. gonna test it later..

so, top 15 my high score & fav songs in Tap Tap Revenge 3:

Hard :
1. Hollaback girl - Gwen Stefani
Best : 761,686pts - 99%

2. Like a G6 - far east movements
Best : 559,276pts - 96%

3. teenage dream - katy perry
best : 303,453pts - 96%

4. White knuckles - OK Go
Best : 841,820pts - 98%

5. So What - Pink
Best : 720,913pts - 98%

1. Calling the maker - Aimee Allen
best : 865,560pts - 100%

2. DJ - Amanda Blank
best : 544,507pts - 100%

3. Like a G6 - far east movement
best : 826,588pts - 100%

4. Teenage dream - katu perry
best : 863,881pts - 100%

5. White knuckles - OK go
best : 756,259pts - 100%

6. Goldigah - slow train soul
best 620,275pts - 100%

7. Animal - Miike Snow
best : 631,779pts - 100%

8. Fight for you - Morgan page
best : 576,769pts - 100%

9. Get crazy - LMFAO
best : 419, 625pts - 100%

10. the sweet escape - gween stefani
best : 654,827pts - 100%

Easy? have some good songs with good score, but i dont play that often. i always play on medium and hard level, sometimes on extreme level.

so my favorite so far, hm all songs. the songs i download from itunes or i got free every friday before i got level 30, was a nice songs. after level 30, i got a bonus weapon and points everytime i get a new level.

Kegilaan tanpa sang Pangeran Kata-Kata

Senja sudah tenggelam satu jam yang lalu. dan aku masih termanggu di depan pintu. aku tidak menunggu siapapun. tapi aku pun enggan beranjak.

Di pagi hari, aku si Peri Hutan bermain dengan embun-embun segar sang harapan hari.
Menjelang siang, aku si Peri Hutan menyambut senyuman manis sang Pangeran Kata-Kata bila ia datang berkunjung ke 'istana'-ku. membiarkan ia menorehkan alunan kalimat terbaiknya di dinding hatiku. membiarkan ia melantunkan irama terindah tawanya.
Ketika senja datang, aku si Peri Hutan melambaikan tangan perpisahan pada sang Pangeran Kata-Kata berharap dapat berjumpa lagi esok hari.

Dapat kau lihat, hari-hariku sungguh indah, menawan, penuh senyuman.
Dinding hatiku sudah penuh warna, di torehkan dengan alunan kuas khusus dari Pangeran Kata-Kata.

tapi itu dulu. ketika kami masih mendiami satu daratan.
walaupun sekarang, kami masih beratapkan satu langit. tapi bukan satu jembatan pelangi.

Liburan yang menyiksa. itukah perasaan yang kurasakan? berada bermil-mil jauhnya dari daratan sang Pangeran Kata-Kata.
Hari yang panjang. begitukah suara hatiku berkata? duduk di bangku taman yang tanahnya bahkan tak sama dengan yang di duduki sang Pangeran Kata-Kata.
Euh, perasaan yang bisa membuatku gila. Kerinduan yang mendalam, berujung kegilaan sesaat. Kegilaan sesaat ini ujungnya sejauh dia berada. Bermil-mil dari sini.

aku bisa gila... mungkinkah aku, si Peri Hutan jadi gila karena merasakan ini sendiri?
aku bisa gila... mungkinkah aku, si Peri Hutan jadi gila karena membiarkan ini sendiri?

liburan yang menyiksa, hari yang panjang tanpa sang Pangeran Kata-Kata..

Dict. Of Sweet Moments - #14

Friday, December 17, 2010
#14. When someone think that a hug and kiss on your cheeks and your head is the sweet moments that he can give to someone he like/love, And this guy is really really good guy. He dont know and not agree with 'do kissing on the lips' to show the love is one way to romantic moment. he said, "i dont really get it with the idea. when i love someone, i do love hugging, kissing on her cheeks or her head rather than kiss on her lips."

i say, "WOW. i impress. just 1 out of 1000 guys would have an idea like that. and its not a lame. its amazing cool!"

What you think?? is he great or nerd? believe me, he's great really!!

QtD 17 Dec 2010

Love is not a 'maybe' thing. You know if you are in love with someone..
-Lauren Conrad said to Heidi Montag, The Hills Season 1-
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QtD 16 Dec 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010
When you are in love with someone and really love him/her, you have to say it to that person when you got the opportunity. If not, the time will gone and you'll regret. The second chance is not always come again. What's you get just all is already to late..
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A Diary for Someone

I give this to Someone.
The special one.
The one Someone are everything for me.
A notes of heart, complicated than ever.
Try looking for something amazing to be true.
When the heart of Someone opened for me, the time said different.

I always save a place, the special one, for the one and only, Someone.
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Top 19 Box offices Movies of the year 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i got the list from IMDB for top grossing movies 2010
1. Toy Story 3
2. Alice Wonderland
3. Inception
4. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part 1
5. Shrek Forever After
6. Eclipse
7. Iron Men
8. Despicable Me
9. How to train your dragon
10. Clash of Titans
11. Prince of Persia
12. The Last Airbender
13. Robin Hood
14. Sex & the City 2
15. Growns up
16. Percy Jackson
17. The Expandable
18. Valentines Day
19. Eat Pray Love

So which one your favorite?

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