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Top 5 Things I Cant Go Out Without

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
This what always inside my bag, whenever i go out.

1. A wallet.
With money and cards (id card, student card, member card, insurance card, ATM & credit card), and a copy of my passport.
ofc i cant go out without this, even when i go out with parents. i still need this.

2. HP.
here, means my BB. although now just using for call and texting. and at least have to has 3 bar charged. go out with phone but no battery means dead.

3. iPod.
ah yaa, since i have this, i cant go out without him. although maybe i wont using it in my day, still i feel i have to bring it. its not just music, but also a bunch of game, and my notes here. so important.

4. Perfume. Lip balm. and hair pin.
here, means my white musk body shop. smell like a baby. sweet. my favorite.
and lip balm also is a must. i choose lip balm than lipstick. better moisturizer than color.

5. a cardigan.
this one also is a must. No one would know what is gonna happen next right. so better prepare before something unwanted happen. and i hate got stuck in cold place.. i always need this.

so, this is mine. how about yours?

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