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17 fun fact : about Number 17

Thursday, January 20, 2011
#1. Most italians believe that 17 is unlucky. Fact: italian building do not have a 17th floor (they change it into 16bis).

#2. In america, someone getting adult on their 17th birthday. That's why they thou this age is possibly get mature.

#3. In indonesia, normally we can get driver license yg sah from police department on 17 years old, and get the ID card as well.

#4. Still in indonesia, 17 is the name of a band. Named Seventeen band.

#5. And magazine as well in some country, a magazine for teenage-girl.. Named Seventeen!

#6. 17 is a swear word in swedish. The origin still debated and is commonly used as "sjutton ocksa!" (Seventeen too)

#7. A day on Uranus lasts for 17 hours.

#8. There are almost 17 ounce in a pound.

#9. Seems to be the lowest possible number of givens for a sudoku puzzle with a unique solution.

#10. It takes 17 muscles to produce a smile.

#11. '17' was the original title of the Beatle's song "I saw her standing there".

#12. King Tutankhamen was wrapped in 17 clothes.

#13. 17 again was a movie, cast by Zac Efron.

#14. Number 17 was a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1932.

#15. Shakespeare wrote 17 comedies (at the 17th century)

#16. There are 17 muscles in the tongue.

#17. The White House is located in the 17th street in Washington.

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