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QtD 14 Jan 2011 : Be thankful, Be Happy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yeah, i'm Mr. Happy!!

Be a little different today. Stop too much complaining. Be thankful for this morning, for this fresh air, for this weather, for this warm sun touch our skin... be thankful for you and around you. Just be happy with your life. Start it with a simple smile, spread it with everyone you met today. Your smile would make them feel happy. Try to see everything closely. deeply. From different sides. You'll know that our life actually are really beautiful. :D

Yeah, I'm different, because i know my life is amazing!!
4 comments on "QtD 14 Jan 2011 : Be thankful, Be Happy!"
  1. Wah...can't agree no more...when you start your day with a positive thinking, it will be a great day :)

  2. Wow thx tobz... yeah when you start your day on a positive way, you might be get surprise on that day thou.. who knows?

  3. Yep, kebahagiaan dicari dari dalam. Simple, yet everybody forgot about this.. :)


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