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A Story : Lucifer and Naya'ill

Friday, January 07, 2011

Ah ya, so this is one of my story collection. i did it before coz have to do an assignment about creative writing whatsoever in last year. but basically i like to write, something. hm maybe i'll continue this story and add some more chapter.
If you google it, maybe you hardly to find story about Lucifer and Naya'ill on one frame. so here it is, from my side, my version. Enjoy..

Practice like devil, play like angel
“GRAB THAT MONEY!! Think what you going to do with that, anyway, you need it for your family rite. Don’t worry no one see you. Go take it now!” Lucifer, 100 years old devil boy with (still) unperfected horn and sharp tail, whispering his temptation to a guy in a room, to take a bunch of money on the table. He seemed thinking and Lucifer hated it. Lucifer folded his hands, and looked upset his victim today. Stupid human.
Lucifer, he had just celebrated the birthday of 100 years old, 2 weeks ago. Sounds old, but he's still young adult. His performance wasn’t too good. Which are special from him is he’s son of King Demon, king of the devil. His ambition is to get the most powerful black horns, which only will be provided to the devil who can beat angel in terms of human influence. It will make the family and his father proud. But he had a hitch.
Naya'il, angel of testing. Sweet creature who always disturb his work. Luficer never want to admit that Naya was sweet. In his kingdom, devil is not prohibited in love. Except with the angel. Angel makes them weak and lose their power too.
Wait, that guy steps back from the table. Confused face. This young devil realized he isn’t alone in a room and become aware of something. This is why the man stepped back.
That POP sounds come at same time with something clean white, a pair of wings and a gold ring on his head had just appeared. Her blonde hair looked perfect with her white skin healthy. Angel famous with their goodness, that's what makes them brighter. She is Naya'il, Lucifer’s rival for get a great career.
“You again?” Lucifer hissed.
Naya turned. Then smiled. It almost makes Lucifer melts. “Oh hai. We meet, again.” Naya come closer to the man, and whispering something. “Do not take that money. You can get with ask. That’s better.”
Seems successes. That guy take one step back again. Still doubt. Naya’il smiling happy. on opposite side, Lucifer looks angry. The sun outside shines brightly. Today the air feel so fresh but quite hot. But not hotter like Naya’s color. Lucifer bored already with the whole waiting and patient things. His color blur slowly. But he wont giving up. Not at this time.
This time Lucifer come closer and whispering. “Don’t be so stupid. Your family would die if you not take that money. Don’t think to much, that money is for you, just time problem. The sooner is the better, rite?”
The man step a head closer to the table. He’s agree. Almost, his hand touch the bunch of money, Naya come closer.
The man took another step back. Still looked doubtful. Naya smiled happily. Conversely Lucifer growled. The sun shines out there getting hot. Today the weather outside is so hot, but sunny. But not as bright as Naya’ color. Lucifer was tired of waiting and be patience. His color is already starting to blur slowly. But he wasn’t ready to give up. Not this time.
“You’re good guy. And you will not do this rite? That’s what you teach to your kids, rite?”
The man doubt it and take it back his hand.
“You have to take it. Your wife almost die in hospital. She can die anytime.”
“Think again. Once you do that, you’ll feel guilty to your family.”
“Take that!”
“Do. Not. Do. That!”
“Take it now!!”
“Stay away from the table!!”
“ARGHHHHH” that man yelled. He got headache. He’s messed up. He saw the money with anger. “Can you two shut up?!” and he left from the room.
Devil and angel was shocked. The man said like he knew he wasn’t alone at that room. But still Angel is the winner today. The man left without taking the money at all. He just touched it.
"See, I win again this time. Goodness will always prevail in the end. "
"SHIT! Your fault! I will die if this continues. "
Naya innocent sad face appeared. "Please don’t. If you die, I could lose the mission. That makes me weak."
Lucifer looked and walked away. "You see it later, I will show to you, I'm not going to give up some other time!" and with the ‘POP’ voice and slowly, Lucifer disappeared together with the red smoke appears later faint.
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