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We are Meeting, It's not Texting

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Technology made people life easier than before. That's true. Even for communication. All can handle just with 1 unit device.
Handphone or ponsel or cellphone or smartphone or whatever you like to call it, made for make it ur communication with ur friends, family or relative much easier. High end phone brand put messaging technology to their product for 'a must' feature, specially for now. messaging (IM-ing, msn, ym,etc) and social networking (facebook,twitter,plurk, my space, friendship, etc) are the most favorite things for costumer who bought their product. So they can texting, anytime and anywhere, much less cheap than SMS.

In indonesia, Blackberry is really booming. Indonesia is all about blackberry. Every place we can see people hang out together with their friends, but still holding BB on their hand, and texting or chatting. and that one make them dun want to put away their gadget.
1 day I met with my all old friends. We have meeting that time, special for sharing whatever happen and whatever I missed news about them while I'm not in indonesia..
But what was happen? All of us busy with our phone. Its ringing, its shaking, its vibrating. Non stop. We are laughing. We are smiling. But we weren't seeing each other face. We busy look our phone.

Until 1 friend said, "we have to put away our phone for a while and start talking. Keep it(phone) on silent mode."

That's true. That's the meeting supposed to be. Not with texting. Not chatting either.
Don't change the meeting form into technology things. That's make something far into close, its good. But if the opposite happen? Wasn't good at all right?
So let's meet with ur friends, but use silent mode for your phone.. Okay..

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