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Love Letter #16 : My life would suck without you!

Saturday, March 19, 2011
Hey U there,

I haven't heard anything about you, since well our last fight. I feel bad bcoz pick a fight first. I feel bad all the time. I'm so sorry.

Where have U been, loco? Where have u been all this time? We haven't talk again, after our last fight. Are U still the same person I know after last time we met?

My bday is coming up. Will you be there for me, with a small smile on ur face and greet me like you always do? Will you be there to make me laugh again? Will you be there to talk to me again?

I start wondering, how you doin these day. I'll be honest. I shouldn't miss you, but My life seems sucks without you. if I lost u, then I lost the best thing happened in my life. I lost my great great friend. We've been close since, since I can recall. You've been that good friend. We did all those crazy things together. We did it together. We did it!! Now everything seems to fade out. Lost. Almost nothing left.

Maybe I shouldn't say good bye. Maybe I shouldn't pick a fight. maybe I shouldn't let you go.

I can't wait any longer. I can't wait my life getting even more suck. I need my life back on track. I need my best best buddy back. I need you back.

Coz we are part for each other, like you said. If you go, half part of mine also go away. I can't let you go. Bcoz we belong together.

#np. Kelly Clarkson - My life would suck without you

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