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Unconscious Love

Saturday, May 21, 2011
I wondering something that actually Love is only for people who are awake, conscious, and alive. You think it's true? I don't know how love do works for someone who are under control of weed, alcohol and drugs.

He said about proper love the night before, message me all the time, try to get me when he 'need' and won't let me go until he get what he wanted.

Hey boy, it hurts actually.
it's was his trick.
it's always him.
Not mention its "good" or "bad" one.
But, somehow he still call me back.
But, somehow he still keep coming back.

He just talk about to have a proper love.
He is actually hope to get a proper love.
Not a love only last for half an hour.
Not a love only last during a movie time.
Not a love only last for a bottle of vodka.
Or not a love only last for a night together.

Where is the all conscious thing you have before?
Where is the all proper love you talked before?

Hey Boy,
For people like you, the real love maybe just not exist.
Love is a myth.
You live with a minimum of existence of Love.
Or just the real love simply not found you, yet.

Until I forget, do you think he really have a real feelings?

If someone know sure about this, please do tell me something.
Just anything.

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