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10 Reasons NOT to fall for bad boys!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
This article actually based on the question i've got when i read one of my friend activity in Facebook. He wrote "why do girls keep nice guys as friend, but then they fall for some jerk?".

my answer to him it was, "they will comeback to the nice guy coz jerk only give them small amount of satisfaction, not a love. It's like money that can come and go. But the real love will stay longer. & honestly, all girl always dreaming about a nice guy as their Prince to come and pick them as the special one." Anyone disagree with this comment, then you can tell me why?

For girl sometimes chasing bad guy is more challenging than get a nice guy. i didn't said get the nice one is easy. Depend on the guy. But still, usually bad guy is more unpredictable. When we get him, it gives us more satisfaction, proud and feel like just got an award. BUT, you know what a risk to chasing, getting and having bad boy as your boyfriend..

So, here it is, I write down some point so you can consider to do not fall for one :

a. There's no real love
One thing you should know about them is love for them might be not the same like what think of love.

b. You are not God
if you think you can change him from doing bad to good. then prepare your heart to get hurt. You can't change him, only you can do is help him. remind him. but as long as his heart don't have faith to change, wait 1000 years, he wont change any better.

c. He'll broke your heart easily
Why i said so? cuz, he don't care about you. He might say love to you. but sometime he just not mean it. he just want to say it to avoid you get angry. not only about love word. it's about his behavior that sometimes different from what you tout before.

d. Take a lot of energy & time to get his attention.
Ok, here's a thing. Bad guy usually always surrounded by his friends, girls. in short word, he's popular. a lot of people around him. it's not easy to get his attention. i mean, the real attention. you have to try really hard to get one. Sometime only beautiful its not enough. you have to standout from others.

e. No guarantee he will change
Yeah, no guarantee that he will change. the one chance that he can change is if his heart say so. so, as long as his heart still want to be like this time, just throw away your hope... far far away, if you, be prepare to get hurt.

f. You are not on his top priority, maybe
You know what is his top priority? okay maybe have fun everyday is the first. then guy stuff the second. Job the 3rd. friends comes next. you? hm let say after all those. not easy work to make you as his first one, except if he wanted you so bad for his life, not for only a night or playing around.

g. He may cheat, without you know it
i this case let say that he's the popular and famous guy among his friend. he may cheat, and you no need to know (this what he thinks). when he cheat, doesn't mean he do serious with the cheater girl. maybe he just want to play around. being flirty with other girl that rush his adrenalin. you know, for fun.

h. He has a bunch of tricks
let say again he is popular, and he may cheat, in the middle of that two because he has a bunch of tricks that can make it work. between cheat and you. and would be a lot of white lie. The lied that he said it's no prob, while its freaking awful bad for you. Hey, he's smart btw. He use his own charisma and words to attract other people (read : girls)

i. They are in it for a Good times
They do good to you, you feel comfortable around him. You two have a good times all night. But then he is not calling you again in the morning. Crap! He was in only for good time. Maybe he was bored and need company, that what you are for him. Trust me, just walk away, if you are need a friend ONLY for good time, enjoy the night together, then he's the one. Because he wouldn't be there for you, for long-term good times, not for a relationship like you looking for. They are not in it for that. They have a bunch of "business" and need a huge of freedom to do that. Are you sure you can handle it?

j. They do Bad things
What to say, this what make them different and interesting in your eyes. I cant say exactly what the bad thing is, but they do. Everyone have different perception about things.
This my experience with bad guy, the X-files.. Well actually he's not that bad, i know he got influence from friend, but even me cant make him change his bad. He do smoke weed, he do drugs, and he do drink. A lots of them. Daily. He's not come to uni, just slept in the morning (usually around 6-7am is his time to sleep), he do club every time he have a chance, he never come to our date with a thousands reason, and bla bla bla. I just can say, he might be not have a bright future.

k. They are not a marriage material
This for you who look up a guy with marriage material. Prepare yourself to walk away. The bad guys just want to enjoy their time, playing and messing around, not going to have a serious, and relationship with commitment. It will limit their freedom. Seriously, better you walk away, or think that your relationship with him only as a friend. no more, and not less than that.
2 comments on "10 Reasons NOT to fall for bad boys!"
  1. Nice artikel!! Interesting to read. So what do u think how could we get a nice one? Some guy nice in the begin, but in the end them leave us with so many ridiculous reason and some cheat with another.

  2. hm maybe you should try your best friend? Maybe he is not the perfect one like bad boys, but your best friend will keep you happy, because somehow it's like air for them. Like Jacob said to Bella in Eclipse "You are with me will be as easy as breathing."


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