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Monday, June 06, 2011

Name : Arfienna Ganeshia
Age : 23 yo
Nationality : Indonesian
Contact me :
ph : +60172556705
Click HERE, if you don't have so much time..

- Advertising that i want to know
more than just study about that
- writing is my passion

my things :
- i like to learn some new things,
to create unusual and creative simple things.
- i like to meet new people

I'm a student in Limkokwing University Malaysia,
my course is Professional Communication (major : Advertising),
this my 3rd and also final year. But at the same time i also a writer (beginner,
but will be a professional one someday) and still do blogging.
Almost this whole content of the blog is my writing.
Currently I'm looking a place that i can do my Internship to complete my study.
Maybe i would fit on your creative department since my background a lot of to do with writing.
But more than that, i would love to learn something new,
that later i can apply to find a dream job.

My hobby or things that i do on my free time :
- writing, it's good on me
- i do novel, short story, love letter (you can read some here )
- scriptwriting is new for me, but also interesting
- do experiment on photoshop
- click on photography (to shoot some moment and bring back to life even its the old one)
- reading, its always good to find new idea.
- listening some good songs
- travelling

Want to see what i can do?
Click here :
or... you can click on #Portfolio tag to see all of this at once
*more would be updated soon on this blog

**P.S : if you want to see ordinary, boring but informative version of my resume, please request me the Doc file :). But just in case, i sent together, on attachment.

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