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Few Little Tiny Bity about Peri Hutan

Monday, August 01, 2011
Ngelanjutin post "Hal yang gak pernah kamu tau" yang isinya hal-hal kecil tentang Peri Hutan (saya) yang mungkin gak semua orang tau, tapi akhirnya saya ceritain ke kalian, yang doyan mampir ke blog ini.. Cuma ke kalian lho..

1. I can be bitchy. enough bitchy, if you behave bitchy to me.

2. I don't like 2 faces people. Seriously, you'll drop your face sometimes. Put off the mask and just be a real person.

3. Peri Hutan itu orangnya penasaran. Biasanya bakal saya kulikkk sampe dapet apa yang di penasaranin selama ini. But don't get too excited. If something happening to fast, i'll lost my excitement, and the last thing you know, i won't be there anymore to watch you or even care with what you say.

4. Saya suka parno sendiri kalo sama hal-hal mistis.

5. I enjoy it all sad feeling, lost or hurt. All deep down. Until it really breaks my heart, and i will move on. It's not that i don't want move on that fast, but i can't. Yeah, it is habit. Because i need to let out all those sad, hurt whatsoever feeling. So next time I'll be at least 85% ready to face them again.

6. Seriously gak bisa lepas dari ipod (+ earphone) dan bb, sekalipun seharian itu gak ada sms atau telp. But still..

7. I love do tweet. Sometimes i tweet everything. Not every move. But everything. Please follow me @fienna_nurhadi

8. Menurut saya waktu yang paling asik buat nulis itu pas lagi sibuk. Setiap lagi sibuk ada kerjaan, pasti godaan buat ngepost tuh ada aja..

9. i love watch movie. All kind, but not really on documenter (i don't like something with history in it) and horror is the BIG NO for me. i learn to create the story and how to build the good one from movie. and i got some new ideas also from movie. So you want to create a good piece of work? Learn from a movie.

10. Peri Hutan new obsession? Ouch sorry, it's not boys. Simple, i just want to graduate with good GPA. As higher as possible. So it will help me to get a scholarship. For master (S2) baby!! Where? Somewhere in Europe. Sepertinya pengalaman kuliah jauhhhhhhhh dari rumah, bikin ketagihan. i had a lot of fun here! & i'd love to try another country. Get experience as much as you can.

11. Maybe i'm not good to give you advice when you have to face it your problem. But you have to admit that i am a good listener. I'll shut my mouth if what you want only someone for listen all your problem. Come here, i'll listen. I won't comment if you don't want to hear. I won't comment, coz maybe you'll hate what i'll say to you. Come here, and i'll listen.

12. Hey boys, if you want to say something sweet and you just know me like a couple days ago, and hoping me to believe you? Please back off. Coz I'm not gonna believe whatever it is. You said I'm beautiful, I'm smart or talented, i"ll say thank you. You want more from me? Really dude, just back off.

13. I'm not really into a relationship these days. Is not because i'm not looking for one. But i have to admit, love does sucks for my life lately. Sooo.. if you want to ask me out, all you need just ask. if you want me more than friend? Please take the time slowly. Let me know you. Let me know the real of you. If i can't do that, just accept that. Become just friend doesn't mean whole world is end. I know what your tiny brain think and how it works. I'm a good friend for you to keep. So let's be friend!

14. I'm easy to get bored. Don't ask me with the same question everyday. Be creative.

15. Recently i do love Hindi movie. Don't judge!! You have to admit, that they have a unique point.
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