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QtD 8 July 2011 - T.G.I.F

Friday, July 08, 2011
Thank God It's Friday

i think now it goes automatically,
that every Friday my mind will fly to you
It's Friday baby, and it's about you

This Friday i know it wouldn't be same
You wont be there, not in front of my door
You wont be here, sitting beside me
You without me.

You went out of town for a while
I'm gonna miss you for sure
It's officially baby
I'm missed you now

Since you left town,
you left something behind
and would make my day are not same
and my weekend big difference

But still, i would say T.G.I.F
I got my sweet surprise
You were text me in the morning to say that you missed me
When sunrise coming, you wont be here, but you still there.
missed me
like i missed you
i know this Friday something missing
and it's definitely you

Damn, i miss you so bad

Even you are not here, still can remember the memories around me
your tight hug, your sweet kiss on my hair
Even without you here, still this Friday would be good
we gonna talk all night, share the laugh and love over the distance

Damn, i miss you so bad
and it's Friday
gonna be happen something good, right?
Damn, i miss you so bad
and let Friday bring it on the surprise..

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