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RIP Mr Grey

Saturday, July 30, 2011
This post special for my Mr. Grey

Our beloved Mr. Grey
See the sun and feel the wind all over you
Don't wait anyone to open the curtain for you,
because you have your own room with huge beautiful window,
so you can see outside world on your own now.

Thank you for been there for our last 2 years
Thank you for took a part in our family
Thank you because you there in our memories
Thank you because you are the best cat and friend i ever had
RIP Mr. Grey
(2008 - 28 July 2011)

He loved slept on my bed
He loved slept between us
Mr. Grey and his fav pillow above the luggage
He seems like the bad boy, but actually he just lovely..
"Stretching.. stretching is good for you body.. Don't try this if you are not master yet."
"What are you looking at?"
He loved play in the shopping bag and slept on it
This how he looked at me before he slept
His famous sit stlye.. "Hey, I'm the big boss here".
"Stroked my belly even when I'm sleeping.. grrr grrr its comfort me.."
You can see how adorable he was...
See, he always there when i start open my laptop. Sometimes on top of it.

Always in our heart, our lovely friendly and humble Mr Grey
I'll love you always
We'll love you, always

I miss you, already *sobs
"Bring me back to where you belong.."

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