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QtD 8th August 2011 : Let's Go Move On

Monday, August 08, 2011

Human live with their problem. Whenever or whereve you go, they always beside you.
it's depend on how you handle it.

Don't look back if you want to move on
Just do it
Just go with it
Live each day like it's ur last
the you will know how precious every step you take,
everyone with you,
and every minute you spent.

If you not ready yet, let it make you satisfied
enjoy it every hurt and pain feel you have
let it be your sorrow for a while
You can cry whenever or wherever you want, don't care about people.
they don't know you.
Let the sorrow bring you deep down,
until you find yourself need to wake up again
until you find yourself need to be live again

Don't look back if you said you want to move on
let the past will be only on your past
let yourself live in with every beat on your heart
let your life get a new love
let yourself live in the present time

Let's go move on, if you say you are ready
Take my hand with you to step into your new life
Take a whole new deep breath to bring you a clear view in front of you
Close your face for a while, and say to yourself that
"I'm ready to move on, and whatever the problem is, it wont let me fall again. I want happy, i need happy and i will live happily ever after"
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