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Drunk. Intense. High. Love.

Monday, September 19, 2011
Hey there,

I can feel it. Something changed. It's make me drunk of it. It's also intense and high as well.

I wasn't lie, I'm not a liar either. I just didn't say anything to you. Your attention to me was intense. I'm full of it. I feel drunk of it, i feel high of it. But the thing you don't know is, that wasn't me. Not all of it. I need you. Always need you. For my sometimes. For my part time. For my half time. For my sometimes.

I've been alone live with myself long enough. Then you came again. Change a part of me. When you're gone, you took it the small part of me with you. Leave it empty. Then it's full again whenever you come back.

That's not fair, isn't?
You shouldn't just come and go. Like a wind.
No! You are not the wind. And i don't want to make you like a tornado either. Who come to swipes away whatever you see in front of you, and leaves nothing behind.
That's not fair, isn't?

Don't you know that? You!
You are the one who have that intense eyes watch me all day.
You are the one who make me drunk of your intensity.
and you are the one who make me high when you are come to the max with your intensity.

Damn it!
If only i could say it, right in front of you.
If only i could scream it, right on your face.
If only i could how i wanted you know all of it.

I want you! Either a part of you, or a full of you.
I need you to fill up again what's been empty so far in my life.

I know you are not here, yet, now, but i wish...
I wish i can have you for the rest of my life. Wherever you are, when you come closer then i will know it. Although sometimes i can be the tornado to swipe you away. But for sure, i wanted you here. Standing right here, beside me.
Be my prince.
Be someone who will smile on me the end of the day and
whisper it to me how much you love me.
Be someone who will waiting me on the bed at night and cuddling me until i get sleep.
More than that, to be someone who will hold my hands until we both get older and older.

That's what i called "Drunk. Intense. High. It's you. It's Love".

-Peri Hutan-
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  1. Trying to remember, to who i wrote this letter was...


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