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Sunday, September 18, 2011
Hey guys,

if you think I'm gone and this blog is empty and no one's posted again, then you wrong. Because I'm still here. I'm just go out for a while. But as you can see, I still write or post sometimes. I wrote one more tag in here, which is #The Letter i'd never sent. If you confused what is that all about, please don't.

I am Peri Hutan, but I also just ordinary girl. Sometimes i do keep a secret. But sometimes i just want to throw it out, but don't know where i should let it out. Now i have a good place. I will, here. You don't have to read that one, if you don't want to.. No one's know about all those letter i keep, but me. It's interesting to follow them up, as matter fact. They have their own story, secret and reason behind this.

Everyone has their own secret. But it wasn't a sin, if you want to share it, but don't want people to find out it was your story. Hey you don't need telling me either your name. I can use someone else name if you want to. But i do can keep your secret.

Send yours to mine. I'll publish it and hide your identity. I'm here waiting your email..
You know where to find me?

Your story safe with me
-Peri Hutan-
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