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7 Ways to Get Closer with Your Man!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's not i am an expert in this case, but here i am sharing with you guys. Hope it will help!

1. Don't afraid to ask him out 1st. There's no such a rule! Its 21 century. Ask him out with a good reason, and make sure you have the reason on your hand. 1 thing, ask him out first won't hurt your pride, nothing to lose!

2. Talk to him, constantly. But don't make it annoying. Let him get used to have you in each of his day.. Take it slowly, do not rushing. You have all your time to make memories with him, enjoy every step of it.

3. Its like fishing, do pull and push. but dont forget to give him and yourself a space between that. Don't forget to make an impression.

4. Do give him support, care him but do not show it too much. Remember a small detail things about him, would make him impress. It is not because he remind you, but because of you listen what he said..

5. Don't forget to give him a special signal. Do flirt sometimes. Have fun with it. Flirt, don't say bullshit. Seriously.. 

6. Have and hold your own limit and don't cross the line. A good man love a lady/girl with attitude, smart but not fake, love herself and know her limit, and have a principle in her life. It will show him that you have something good plan on your own and know what are you going to do with it.

7. Dont forget to love yourself first before you can love him. You are the priority here, not him. Don't let yourself feel sad or a shame because of him, thats not a benefit of loving somebody.

That is my top 7 Ways to Get Closer with Your Man! Be brave baby, when its not working, then just move on. Maybe he is not the one or maybe it just not a good time for you. Thats doesn't mean you are not precious. You are amazing. Like i said before, love yourself first then people would love you the way it is..

See ya in the next tips!!
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