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QtD 1st May 2012 : New Path, New Spirit

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Don't hold back your feeling
To let go the past
To close the book of our story
To live each day like it's the last
To live my life like you never on it

I moved on
Create a new path
And I don't see you on it

I close my eyes
Your image's get all blurry now
Your presence almost gone
You never made appearance in my dream like it used to be

I open my eyes
I see a bright path in front of me
I believe it's finally here
The right times that people always talk about when you turning away from me
Slowly but sure
I have my own life again

A new path, with new spirit on it
Believe me, you are out of it!

11 sign that he wasn't right for you

Actually have a lots of sign that can show you that he wasn't the right one for you. But it depend on you both situation. I'll listed down the general sign, so you could see this sign on your guy..

1. Too much flirt. Online (chat, webcam, wall-to-wall) or f2f. Trust me, this doesn't looks that good.

2. He called you only when he need something from you. He just use you, and you are just a property or a thing not a someone for him. 

3. When he's with you, he always try to change to another topic, not stick to one only at the time.

4. He don't like to meet in public area, as could as he can meet at his or your place (mostly, room). Warning! He might be want something that you will regret soon. 

5. He didn't try to meet you. He wanted u call him first. If he likes you, he will try to meet you, whatever it takes. Times, money, space? Nothing will bother him, he just want to see you!

6. He didn't call the next day after met you. Well, this maybe because he's busy. But, hey! Have you heard the technology that they called a phone, SMS, BBM, or  some chat room? There's plenty of chance that he should make it! If he's not, be patient. Think positive, maybe he is really busy, or he lost his phone, or in 24hrs his time he just can't take a moment to call you? 

7. He pretending listen to your problem, but actually he's not. Why should he care to you if he get what he wanted easily.. That will just waste his time. Most of guy don't do listen to girl problem. Only if you are his exception. 

8. He didn't see you with his eyes. It's lust instead of love. If you are looking for a lust, then maybe this kind of guy is right for you. Lust means do it for fun. Don't put your hope too high that he will see you with his blue charming eye. Forget it! Next!

9. He's not give a respect. He turn you down. A simple way to say, he's not into you!

10. He's not treat you well. Another simple way to show, he just not into you! Move on!

11. He tease you a lots. It depend. If he's your casual friend, maybe he just made a joke. But if its get too personal at the wrong place and time, i will say... how about leave him! Immediately! Sooner is better.. You do not need someone to turn you down. He's not worth  it! 

Its come from experience. But should I say, it will be the same for all people. Experience could be different, depend on personality of the guy..

Love Letter #27 : To Let You Go

Just a moment,
A moment can push me away from the 'now' time, to the 'us' times.

The times when we were still together
They said, somehow i still live for the past
For the times when you still on it

Maybe what they said it's true,
Somehow, deep in my heart i still hopes you are real
Somewhere, we still hold each other hand
And sometimes, you still kiss me right on my forehead

I have no idea why you still on my mind after all this times
They said, i still hold my feeling for you
They said, i haven't let you go
They said, i haven't perfectly move on

Just a moment,
I want to see you again.
Through an enchanted night
Through a piece of dream
Through a simple smile on your picture

I loved you
Missed you so many times after you left
Been here all alone without you
Wish you were here standing beside me
Guide me, passed through all day with your nice smile

I was really into you
Loved you for almost forever
Wishing you will always stand by my side
My life falling apart when you were gone

When you were gone, life without you is not an option
Having 'us' memories will just blow my life all over again
It was nice to had you around
But when you were gone, my life is not over yet, like yours

Just a moment,
I want to really once and for all let you go
To say good bye on your eyes
To move on and live for the present time
To finally close the book of our story and live totally without you on it

Love Letter #30 : End of our path

You said move on, where do i go?
I wish i can stay on your eyes, forever

Remember, in airport, 5 months ago you said you'll be back.
A kiss on my forehead was like a promise.
My wings almost broken, since you left.
I lost you in my way.

Queen would announce your engagement ceremony anytime soon.
You are with someone else now.
I never thought that girl wasn't me.
I never thought our story would end up this way.
I though Fairy of Forest would stay with Prince of Words, like little bit longer, almost forever
Get over you would be the hardest part of my life, but i know i can through all of this.

It's too late now.
There was not a perfect relationship, if it was a perfect, why we could end like this?

It wasn't love.
You won't fight for it.
Maybe it was a lie
Whole things was about lie
I can't believe it i was fall for it

You were so good to me
You were so real for me
But also,
You were too good to be true
I can't believe it i was fall for you

I'm not lying, and i don't do fake
I missed you, but hated you at some points
Feel betrayed
Think everything was a dream

But when i saw you turning away and never comeback
Then i realize, it is end of our path

Our Fav childhood cartoon character

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Which one your most favorite?

Mine? ofc, Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty and ehmm Power Rangers.

Resep Tiramisu Puding

Friday, March 23, 2012
Kan kemaren saya bikin Tiramisu, nah ini nih resepnya kalo mau ikutan. Yang ini udah di modifikasi jadi insya allah sih hasilnya gak kayak scramble egg. Resep Tiramisu Puding (karena gak pake oven cuma kulkas) siap di coba, nemenin weekend kamu. Silahkan di cobian, Neng..

250 gr Mascarpone cheese
500ml double cream (bisa di ganti susu whip cream yang cair)
1-2 sdt essense vanila
100gr gula pasir
4 KUNING telur
2 pak lady finger (kalo gak ada bisa di ganti pake egg drops)
50ml rhum (kalo gak suka bisa di hapus kok)
kopi secukupnya
Bubuk coklat (saya pake millo) secukupnya

Alat :
1 loyang pyrex/loyang biasa
1 mangkok kocok
1 mangkok kecil dari kaca atau logam buat ngetim
1 panci buat ngetim

1. Double Cream di kocok/di mixer sampe agak kental. bentar aja.
2. Siapin panci yang di isi air setengahnya. Di mangkuk kecil, campur deh kuning telur, gula dan vanilla essense. biar gak menggumpal dan bikin tekstur final eneg, adonan ini di kocok pake sendok biar nyampur, terus di tim di panci dengan air mendidih, masih sambil di aduk sampe si telor mateng..
3. sementara itu masukin deh mascarpone cheese nya ke adukan double cream tadi, mixer lagi sampe kecampur rata.
4. baru deh masukin campuran kuning telor-gula-vanila essense ke adonan double cream + mascarpone cheese.
5. sementara nunggu itu rata, kita bikin kopi. bikin kayak kopi biasa. terus lady fingers nya di celupin 2-3 detik ke kopi terus di susun di pyrex/loyangnya.
6. terakhir, masukin adonan yg udah jadi ke pyrex sampe si lady fingers ketutupan. terus ulangi langkah nomor 5 sampe adonan habis, jadi berlapis gitu. udah itu, taburin pake bubuk coklat (pake milo juga bisa) di atasnya, sesuai selera.. terus masukin ke kulkas (bukan freezer ya) dan tunggu sampe keras deh.

gitu aja bikinnya, tapi rasanya tok cer enak.. hehe. Selamat mencoba!

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7/365 - Tiramisu with Scramble Egg Texture

Monday, March 12, 2012

Like 2-3 days ago, saya bikin ini nih. Tiramisu. Mau tau rasanya? Sukses sama kayak di toko-toko. Tapi maaf aja nih bentuknya memang kurang menggiurkan. Adek saya aja bilang, "Itu apaan? kok kayak scamble egg di kasih abon?".

Hahahhaa. Itu bukan abon. Walau warnanya sama sih. Ceritanya itu tuh coklat milo. Kan tiramisu biasanya di taburin pake coklat di atasnya.

Iya tekstur nya mirip scramble egg. Mungkin salah pas masukin telurnya. Ya sudah kita testing lagi lain kali. Hehe.

6/365 - #PeriHutan book Progress

Mau tau lagi sibuk apa sih Peri Hutan sekarang, kok ngepostnya cuma 365/365 aja tiap hari. Well, gambar corat coret di bawah ini nih yang lagi bikin saya sibuk.

Iya, jadi saya lagi bikin buku kompilasi puisi dan kisah dari blog ini. Karena isinya dari blog jadi udah beres. Penyusunan isi chapter juga sudah beres. Yang sekarang di kejar adalah penataan letaknya plus gambar buat covernya. Gak ada deadline khusus sih, tapi inginnya cepat selesai walaupun gak buru-buru. Doakan saja ya. Nanti saya cerita kok hasilnya.

Yang pasti sih saya enjoy banget dalam proses kerjanya. Kalau kita enjoy sama apa yang kita kerjakan, hasilnya insya allah juga memuaskan!

5/365 - Finally have this!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What a worthy times, finally have this in my wallet. Hehehe, i know for some people, have driving license maybe not that important after all, but for me it's like one step above.

Anyway, happy safety driving. Don't forget ur seat belt! ❤❤

4/365 - Father & Daughter Dance

Friday, March 09, 2012
Since yesterday was women's day, i remember every year there was always had a mother's day. But when exactly the father's day anyway? However, a father really have great position in heart of their kids. Okay, no need go to far. As for me, my dad always be a hero. Maybe he doesn't has wings to fly or a hidden power to slay the criminal or maybe cool gadget to his action, but he always there for me, always there deep in my heart.

Then, here come this. As for me, i never had a father daughter dance. There was no such a thing as tradition in our country, Indonesia, as you know it. But, someday, for my wedding (i hope i still remember this when the day is come) i really want to have this dance. Father daughter dance, and i will ask all my cousins to have a slow down dance with their father as well.

Maybe, i will say few word for all father in the world :

To Daddy,
Maybe you are not the kind of hero that always i watched on TV
Maybe you don't use your hidden power to protect me from the bad guy
maybe you don't fly all around the world to keep me safe

But for sure, you were there when i had my first step in this world
You were there to watch me get my first degree, you cried happy to see my success
You were there to see every step of my life, watch me and give your best advice sometimes

Now I am going to take a new step in my life, maybe i'll go really far away from you
Before it happen, i want to have this special dance with you
With my Dad who always comes as a hero for me
For those years you've always been there for me
For those unforgettable memories you had with me
For those uncountable times you spent for me
For all the love you share with me

Let me have this dance with you, Dad
Let this moment only for you and me
Father and his daughter
Although there is no father's day on the calendar,
in my heart your day is every day :)
I love you Dad, always have and always will

*the picture was taken from

3/365 - Ladies day!

Thursday, March 08, 2012
Today is women's day, didn't realize until read my friend bbm status.
This picture was mine with my classmate when we were in graduation ceremony. Yeah, all girls! Miss you all!! ❤❤
from left to right:
Dilla, Calista, Syarifah, Peri Hutan, Evelyn, Mity

Quick Update of Mine : Goodbye Letters

Friday, February 17, 2012
So, my life wasn't easy these week and now i'm going for Umroh with family. Hope everything will get better after i'm back.

Well, if you know me well, i am a person who dramatic enough but not so dramatic to be watch. But, since i like to write and express my feeling with a letter, poem or story, and i end up with a letter for my ex-bf. Honestly, kind of confused what should i type so it wont sounds over desperately like someone broke up with him and wants him back sooo bad now. Her way is cheapo, but indeed success. Just want to say, "Keep him biatch!"

"No good man can be ever stolen, UNLESS he wants to"

Well, that's not an issue why i write this post. So, i was trying to find how to express the last silly letter that i'll send to him. Then i found this web that you might interested to look it. Goodbye Letters is a website that provide sample for sending all kind of farewell and goodbye letters. Interesting. You might want to try open one.

I open one. A letter for breakup with boyfriend. I read it. Although finally i decide to do not use the sample they gave. It was too desperate. Which is not showing how exactly my feeling now to him. The letter was soo depressing, i tout it might be good for his ex-gf and now his fiance/wife to be.

I'm not that desperate, although i admit, i lost him. But it wasn't an issue now. Even now, i feel grateful that Allah shows how lucky i am. This guy wasn't that perfect after all. Maybe we are not meant to be together. That's all.

So, anyway. I feel this is the best time to move on. Start fresh. Start everything from zero. I am ready to move on. Everyone must be have a story about love life in university, rite? It just my story was about him, and we end up like this way.

It just life as we know it.
See ya to the next post!

Quick Update of Mine : February 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012
Good Night people...!!

After long time, akhirnya saya ngetik lagi. Nulis lagi di sini. Kangen banget! Maaf buat ke alpaan beberapa waktu yang lalu. Makanya saya mau laporan nih kesibukan saya akhir-akhir ini di "Quick Update of Mine" ini..

Jadi, berhubung sudah lulus tapi belum kerja, sebenarnya saya gak banyak kegiatan juga sih. Tapi akhirnya saya bisa nyetir! Buat orang mungkin nyetir adalah perkara sepele, tapi buat saya sendiri termasuk batu loncatan. Akhirnya setelah sekian lama resolusi entah tahun berapa saya ini tercapai juga.

Selain itu, akhirnya saya juga aktif nulis lagi. Ada 2 tulisan yang saya garap saat ini. Dari genre yang sama tapi jenisnya sedikit berbeda. Saya cerita sedikit ya.

Novel yang endingnya masih saya pikirin ini sebenernya cerita petualangan. Tapi masih semacam teenlit juga. Saya pikir masih masuk lah bisa di baca dari anak SMP sampe kuliah. Ceritanya gak jauh-jauh dari persahabatan antara 3 tokoh utama. Catalyna si Putri Negeri Ailuretta, Clio/Tara Baxter si pangeran muda kerjaan Baxter yang sempat menghilang, dan Bass Baxter sang pangeran yang merantau ke negeri seberang demi mencari sang adik. Mereka bertiga harus berjuang demi melawan Lucifer, si pemilik sihir hitam abadi, demi kedamaian kedua bangsa.

Ini bukan cerita yang baru saya buat, tapi memang baru saya lanjutkan penulisannya setelah entah berapa lama tertunda ini itu. Tapi insya allah akan saya rampungkan.

#Soulmate 2.0
Kalau yang ini sebenarnya berdasarkan novel pertama saya yang saya ubah kiri-kanan. Karena ngerasa kalo di revisi saja feelnya akan beda, makanya sekalian saja saya rombak semua. Ternyata benar, feelnya beda banget. Saya lebih semangat ngerjainnya karena saya tau ini akan jauh lebih baik dari yang pertama. Walaupun berasal dari 1 cerita.

Ceritanya tentang Kalista yang ketemu lagi dengan cowok yang pernah di taksirnya mati-matian saat SMA dulu, Rezi. Ya, semua orang pasti pernah punya cinta monyet saat SMA. Tapi karena salah paham, mereka akhirnya gak pernah ketemu lagi. Sampai suatu hari, kebetulan mempertemukan mereka lagi. Dan rasa itu ternyata memang masih ada. Apakah mereka bakalan nemuin happy endingnya?

Karena untuk Kalista, Rezi bukan hanya sekedar cinta monyet jaman SMA. Buat Rezi, Kalista juga bukan si cinta numpang lewat lalu pergi. Keduanya selalu punya unfinished business yang membuat mereka selalu ketemu lagi dan lagi. Apakah kali ini mereka akan berjodoh?

Penasaran? Tunggu saja novel ini keluar. Kapannya sih saya gak bisa mastiin. Dengan waktu nulis yang kepotong-potong gini, saya juga bingung kapan ini bakalan beres. Insya Allah secepatnya ya. Doakan saja.

Oh ya, btw, Insya Allah tanggal 18 februari ini, which is minggu depan, saya akan umroh bersama keluarga. Doakan semoga lancar ya. Setelah itu kayakanya akan relax lagi sambil nerusin nulis. Penulis itu, masih jadi mimpi terbesar saya kok, masih terus saya usahakan ke arah sana. Satu-satunya pekerjaan yang bikin saya happy dan relax ngejalaninnya.

QtD 8th February 2012 : L.I.F.E

Wednesday, February 08, 2012
First time i met you, then it's love at first sight. Fall in love.
We made a pack.
There's storm between us. Hurt. Tears. Torn us apart.
We made a split.

Life is not always gives us such a high place.
Life sometimes take a lower place.
But for sure Life gives us a stable place to stay.

Whatever it is, that's how life is work for all of us.
Life could be sucks.
Life could be amazing.
Life could be anything...
It's yours to decide, what kind of life you want to have it.
It's yours to decide,
It's yours to choose.

It's all yours!
by Peri Hutan, 24 yo, tiba-tiba kena serangan otomatis sok bijak

Setitik Langit Ungu

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

QtD 7th February 2012 : L.O.V.E

Heart to heart.
We should talk like that..
It wasn't about text or BBM or emails.
I want see through your eyes, and ask how do you feel about me
Should be easier to see, unless you were hide it very well..

"Love is not a maybe thing, you know (yourself) when you love someone."

Unless, you hide it very well..

by Peri Hutan, 24 yo, tiba-tiba terserang wabah #galau

QtD 7th February 2012 : Wish You Were Here

"Friend or a couple.
Whatever it is, honestly i've missed you so bad.
But i just couldn't told you. Because, you wouldn't even care.
I was waiting for the sign 'D' changed to 'R', and again waiting for you to give me a reply.
At least, to get replied "i miss you too".
But, guess that too much to ask."

Oh Damn, I wish you were here. We talk, we laugh, we discuss.
I still missed you so bad.
Love you, always have and always will.

by Peri Hutan, 24 yo, try being honest about her feeling

QtD 7th February 2012 : Don't Hold Back

"We decide to take a break. It's funny. A relationship like this shouldn't have a break. Based on friend. Do friend need take a break from each other?"

Please, be honest with your feeling about me. Don't hold back, if the 'it' feeling is gone.
Please, be honest with me. For once and all.

by Peri Hutan, 24yo, talk to her someone about being honest.

Back to that December : Memory of Graduation Day

Tuesday, January 03, 2012
Hm, what can i say...
Last December was great. I had everything i ever dreamed before. Yep, i've graduated baby!! Sekarang saya bukan lagi mahasiswa, tapi sudah jadi sarjana. Tepat 17 December 2011, hari bersejarah (resminya) akhirnya datang juga. Perjuangan 3 tahun lebih merantau di negeri orang terbayar sudah. Finally bisa lihat mama papa bangga juga dengan gelar di tangan. They came to the ceremony, ofc. i would be mad if they not come.. :D

I had the moment, although less picture because my mood was went down somehow.. (thanks to someone :P). Tapi itu gak cuma jadi wisuda saya seorang, tapi juga hampir semua teman seangkatan saya. Evelyn, Reelaya (well, she will have her graduation ceremony in Perth on this February. She took the Curtin program, that's why kind of special), Jace and Selly (they are Malaysian), Dennis (one of my African friend, i know someday he would be the next Obama).. and some more friends of mine..

So, here i am.. remember all those moments, starting from i was first time came to Malaysia until the time i left the country. So much memory, have no idea how many times i laughed and cried with friends. Friends like family. To keep, to make you feel warm and they are still my home. My second home. I would always remember them, no matter what. History, that what make us stand in our place, right now.

The 'it' moment with mom and dad. Happy to make them proud!!

This could be my graduation picture with my boyfriend :D.
Yeh, that was me and him.
We were graduated at the same day, and i missed him a lot now :(
Yah, dan dialah Pangeran Kata-Kata yang sering saya sebut di blog ini..
2 tahun berlalu, dan akhirnya..

a snap with Jelita Septriasa (we know her as Acha Septriasa)
Okay, seriously i don't know why i put this picture here.
But hell yeah, she is adorable.. FYI, she also one of talented student in my uni*.
*Limkokwing University Creative of Technology

Okay, and yes i am promoted my uni.
....ohhh whatever :p

me & my former best year leader ever, Ms Nicole Tan
She helps me a lot, also regarding to Internship place (thank you soooo muchy for that, once again Miss)..

Back to that December.
Pastinya sih bakal kangen banget sama semuanya. Bahkan saya sudah kangen pengen masuk kampus lagi, main-main di kelas ketika dosen lagi nerangin saking kadang terlalu ngeboseninnya, atau belajar mati-matian pas besok mau ujian, atau malah sekedar hang out di plaza maupun library. Ahh damn, seriusan kangen semua masa-masa itu. Nyesel kemaren-kemaren gak di nikmatin lama-lama, malah pengennya cepet-cepet beres terus. :(

For some people, masa kuliah mungkin gak terlalu seru kalau di banding masa SMA. Tapi buat saya malah sebaliknya. Mau gak mau saya banyak belajar banyak dengan keputusan saya spontan buat kuliah di Malaysia. Yang namanya persahabatan, cinta dan keluarga. Tentang semua dilema sekitaran itu gak mungkin kamu dapetin di bangku pendidikan tingkat manapun. Tapi bagi saya, saya gak pernah menyesali sedikit pun keputusan saya buat sekolah keluar. Karena dari situ lah perjalanan yang akhirnya ngebentuk saya sekarang.

Well, what the hell..
Sudah lulus, dan sudah berdiri di tahun yang baru pula. Saatnya berburu kerjaan pertama!!
Hanya berdoa pada Tuhan, semoga semuanya di mudahkan jalannya. Buat cari kerja dan urusan jodoh. Pray pray and pray for that. :D

btw, saya mau melanjutkan packing-packing dulu nih. Jam 4 nanti berangkat menuju Soetta demi mengejar flight jam 9 pagi. taulah jalanan Jakarta seperti apa, dan Bogor-Cengkareng... Semoga saja perjalanan trip saya ke Lombok menyenangkan. Tunggu liputan mini saya yaa..

Ciao bella.. :D

QtD 1st January 2012 : New Year Status

Sunday, January 01, 2012
"2011 : i've completed my degree,
had wonderful 3 years journey in a strange place before and i called 'my second home' then,
had amazing time with friends and enemy and not-so-friend-neither-enemy,
had great and unforgettable moments with friend-became-boyfriend,
it was a times for the stories with them...
Here now 2012 : i wish to get my first job,
be a good-well-supportive gf,
be a good daughter for my parents,
be a good friend and best friend."

"This new year i hope i can create my own story with my own path"

**** Happy New Year 2012 ****
Happy new year,
wish this new year will bring new luck, happiness, and good things for all of us!!

-Peri Hutan New Year 2012 Facebook Status-

QtD 1st January 2012 : #iloveyouday Everyday

"I like to say 'I love you' to you,
to remind me that i still have you as my special one,
and to remind you how special you are for me"

since now we only talk through online and phone,
saying i love you too much maybe sounds cheesy, but still i'll say it again and again.
don't care if you only read it then put down your phone,
don't care either if you only hear it then turn away your face,
i would say it again and again.
i would say it again until i see you next time,
i would say it again until you bored :p
i would say it again and i means it


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