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QtD 8th February 2012 : L.I.F.E

Wednesday, February 08, 2012
First time i met you, then it's love at first sight. Fall in love.
We made a pack.
There's storm between us. Hurt. Tears. Torn us apart.
We made a split.

Life is not always gives us such a high place.
Life sometimes take a lower place.
But for sure Life gives us a stable place to stay.

Whatever it is, that's how life is work for all of us.
Life could be sucks.
Life could be amazing.
Life could be anything...
It's yours to decide, what kind of life you want to have it.
It's yours to decide,
It's yours to choose.

It's all yours!
by Peri Hutan, 24 yo, tiba-tiba kena serangan otomatis sok bijak
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