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4/365 - Father & Daughter Dance

Friday, March 09, 2012
Since yesterday was women's day, i remember every year there was always had a mother's day. But when exactly the father's day anyway? However, a father really have great position in heart of their kids. Okay, no need go to far. As for me, my dad always be a hero. Maybe he doesn't has wings to fly or a hidden power to slay the criminal or maybe cool gadget to his action, but he always there for me, always there deep in my heart.

Then, here come this. As for me, i never had a father daughter dance. There was no such a thing as tradition in our country, Indonesia, as you know it. But, someday, for my wedding (i hope i still remember this when the day is come) i really want to have this dance. Father daughter dance, and i will ask all my cousins to have a slow down dance with their father as well.

Maybe, i will say few word for all father in the world :

To Daddy,
Maybe you are not the kind of hero that always i watched on TV
Maybe you don't use your hidden power to protect me from the bad guy
maybe you don't fly all around the world to keep me safe

But for sure, you were there when i had my first step in this world
You were there to watch me get my first degree, you cried happy to see my success
You were there to see every step of my life, watch me and give your best advice sometimes

Now I am going to take a new step in my life, maybe i'll go really far away from you
Before it happen, i want to have this special dance with you
With my Dad who always comes as a hero for me
For those years you've always been there for me
For those unforgettable memories you had with me
For those uncountable times you spent for me
For all the love you share with me

Let me have this dance with you, Dad
Let this moment only for you and me
Father and his daughter
Although there is no father's day on the calendar,
in my heart your day is every day :)
I love you Dad, always have and always will

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