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Love Letter #30 : End of our path

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
You said move on, where do i go?
I wish i can stay on your eyes, forever

Remember, in airport, 5 months ago you said you'll be back.
A kiss on my forehead was like a promise.
My wings almost broken, since you left.
I lost you in my way.

Queen would announce your engagement ceremony anytime soon.
You are with someone else now.
I never thought that girl wasn't me.
I never thought our story would end up this way.
I though Fairy of Forest would stay with Prince of Words, like little bit longer, almost forever
Get over you would be the hardest part of my life, but i know i can through all of this.

It's too late now.
There was not a perfect relationship, if it was a perfect, why we could end like this?

It wasn't love.
You won't fight for it.
Maybe it was a lie
Whole things was about lie
I can't believe it i was fall for it

You were so good to me
You were so real for me
But also,
You were too good to be true
I can't believe it i was fall for you

I'm not lying, and i don't do fake
I missed you, but hated you at some points
Feel betrayed
Think everything was a dream

But when i saw you turning away and never comeback
Then i realize, it is end of our path

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