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Love Letter #27 : To Let You Go

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Just a moment,
A moment can push me away from the 'now' time, to the 'us' times.

The times when we were still together
They said, somehow i still live for the past
For the times when you still on it

Maybe what they said it's true,
Somehow, deep in my heart i still hopes you are real
Somewhere, we still hold each other hand
And sometimes, you still kiss me right on my forehead

I have no idea why you still on my mind after all this times
They said, i still hold my feeling for you
They said, i haven't let you go
They said, i haven't perfectly move on

Just a moment,
I want to see you again.
Through an enchanted night
Through a piece of dream
Through a simple smile on your picture

I loved you
Missed you so many times after you left
Been here all alone without you
Wish you were here standing beside me
Guide me, passed through all day with your nice smile

I was really into you
Loved you for almost forever
Wishing you will always stand by my side
My life falling apart when you were gone

When you were gone, life without you is not an option
Having 'us' memories will just blow my life all over again
It was nice to had you around
But when you were gone, my life is not over yet, like yours

Just a moment,
I want to really once and for all let you go
To say good bye on your eyes
To move on and live for the present time
To finally close the book of our story and live totally without you on it

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