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Quick Update : January 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013
This is my 'Quick Update January 2013'
I know, i haven't writing so much since last year, even for this early year of 2013. But as you can see i have new labels in my blog, which is DIY Project Tutorial. This is my contribution for my own online shop @enchantedlounge that i do together with my sister @fiona_ayu since last year. But the idea of making the DIY Project just came recently. 
Actually, i want to do just 1 project each month.. But it end up doing it almost every weeks, so here i am writing the update so you wont feel left behind. 
So far, i have these 3 beautiful wall art that you can try at home. It's easy, simple and will give you a lot of fun!  

 On the first week, i did this! DIY Weekend Project Tutorial : Flower Spread Wall Art. Just click the line and you will end up in the right page. 

For the 2nd week, i did this! DIY Weekend Project Tutorial : Abstract Wall Art Painting. Click the line with underline to bring you to the right page. 

For the 3rd project i need around 2 weeks to finish this pieces wall art. It was big size but still affordable for you, if you are still a student. DIY Weekend Project Tutorial : Silver Fishcales Wall Art. Click the underline to bring you for the complete tutorial. 

All these tutorial i get originally from Pinterest. I just re-do and made my own. You can do on your own. That's why it called DIY (do it yourself). For those who so lazy to make it, next time i'll think to just sell it my pieces. But i can say, it's way more fun to do it yourself. Try it once, and you'll never know maybe you are creative enough to try another one.. 

What else ya... Oh ya, in the next month, the month of love, February. My brand would go out there to meet you people. We from Enchanted Lounge will meet you in WEEKENDMARKET event at Lapangan Blok S 16-17 February start from 10am-19pm. Be there! Make sure to bring cash only (a lot of cash!) because you will find our cutest and new product there.. i'll post what we have to offer, few days before the event.. 

Okay, gotta go now! See you at our first outdoor market meeting. Follow us @enchantedlounge or @fienna_nurhadi, so you can keep contact with us! See yaa...

DIY Weekend Project : Silver Fish-scale Wall Art

Ahhh, finally, i can say this. Finally i made my own fish scale wall art that i've seen long time ago from Pinterest. If you have Pinterest, you can search one. And sorry for missing the past 2 weeks. My personal life seems ups and down, but now i'm ready to take it back. 
Well, here i am not gonna tell any story of my personal life, it wasn't that interesting. 
So, after 2 weeks without any project, here i am giving you one. But, i should warn you, this one would take your time a lot. Start from the preparation, doing it and until it's done. But don't worry, like every other project i told you, you would be have so much fun just by doing it. 

This material you would needed : 
- Art card (karton), a lot of them. I used like 7 art card
- You would need scissors, unless you have circle cutter 
- A cup of glass (for measuring the circle) 
- Glue gun or stapler gun
- Cutter
- Ruler & 
- Spray paint (any color you want, i used silver)
- Frame list 
- Ply wood (triplek) size 90cm x 130cm (you can have your own size)

How to make this : 
Remember when i said this would take your time? I meant it.
- I put a cup above the art card to get the right circle. As you can see from the picture below.. I draw the circles to different color of art card, because i ran out the same color. Don't worry, the spray paint will cover it perfectly. Now do the circle-ing and cut it. I use the manual cutting one by one with scissors, that was why i end up did it for whole night. It was more than 200ish circles. Tired? Don't ask! :p 

- Next step would be applied the circle to the ply wood. Before that, make sure you make lines and get it straight. Make it every line around half size of your circle. 
You can start it from the bottom of the ply wood, like i did to mine. 
My circle size was 4 inch each. So for the 1st line, i made 4 inch from the most bottom, then 2 inch for the next line (above) and add another 2 inch for the next line, until all get done. 
(you can take a look the picture below for the reference)

- I use the stapler gun to make the art card right in their place. But you can use glue gun as well. Make sure to put the 2nd line only half circle... after few lines, you can see the fish-scales. Don't get too excited, you still have a lot of work to be done.
- If you use stapler gun like me, make sure to check the back side of the wood. Usually if you use the thicker ply wood, the excess stapler wont come out. 
But if it does, hit with the hammer so it wont hurt anyone. 
- Next step would be cutting the extra circle that come out of the wood, like the picture below. Just cut it with cutter. Easy!

- Then we reach to the fun part of all this. Spraying time! Yeayyy! Go outside, and bring the plywood. Don't forget to put some old newspaper below and around your ply wood, so your mom wont scold you because you left stain in your floor. 
- Spray it from far, don't get too close. It will leave drops of the paint on your card.. Apply it few layers, for the perfect result.
- Spray the frame borders as well, if you want too. Leave it till all perfectly dry. 

- Last thing, hang it on your wall or do whatever you want with it. 
Another last point, don't forget to enjoy every step of making it. That would be the most important! For the result, i would say i loved it, and still do until now. This is the biggest wall art piece that i ever made it. I used it as a background of my pillow case decoration photo-shoot and end up love it even more (you can find the collection in our instagram Enlou_ or our twitter @enchantedlounge). So, what are you waiting for? Start gather all the material you need, and making one. Cheaper way to get such amazing art piece. Okay not cheaper, but i would say, affordable enough, even for you a student... 
Have a great weekend, guys!
XOXO, Skylar @enchantedlounge

DIY Weekend Project Tutorial : Abstract Wall Art Painting

Saturday, January 12, 2013

This weekend tutorial is easy and simple enough. I can say, because i did mine yesterday. Remember when you did your painting class in elementary or junior high school? Nah, this one similar, but it will go well on your wall as well. 

Don't worry the material are easy to find, or maybe you already have it around your house.
You will need : 
  • Big canvas. My canvas size was 40 cm x 60 cm. You can go with the bigger canvas, it would be more fun! Tips from me, find with the smooth canvas. It would look good.
  • Spray painting. I bought the silver one, because couldn't find the gold with the same price. Turns out pretty good. 
  • Masking tape. 
  • Few color of acrylic paint. You can mix match the color, to get another color. Like get purple with red + blue. Get light blue by mixed blue + white. and so on...
Now, let's do this! 
1. Spray the canvas with the spray paint. make sure you spread to all part, and don't forget the corner. You can do 2 or 3 layer.  

Canvas after spraying

2. Take your masking tape, and start to do the line. See the picture below for the reference. But do your own, use your imagination. Remember, this is abstract, so you don't need to have always straight line. Mine wasn't all 4 square. Accidentally, i create some triangle.  

Canvas after masking tape

3. Prepare some color you want with your palette. I used more color like you can see. There are black, red, orange, purple (red + blue), light purple (give more white paint), blue, green lime, gold, white, pink and light blue (add more white). Use your mix and match color fantasy to create more color. Or you want use the basic color, that's up to you. This is your own project! Don't forget to apply to the those empty space.

Canvas after painting 

4. Last step. After make sure the paint are dried, you can pull up the masking tape. Do it smoothly, so it wont ruin the paint. Mine was a bit messy, but that's okay. I thought it because my canvas surface wasn't smooth enough. Well, maybe if i wanna do it again, i will buy the smoother surface. :p 

And you are done! 
So, how was it? Was it fun? Well at least you can add one more art into your blank wall. 
Tell me what do you think. Leave your comment on the box down below.

Buy less, choose well & do it yourself! -Vivienne Westwood- 
Enjoy your weekend guys, wait for the next excited weekend tutorial.
XO Fienna Nurhadi

DIY Project : Flower Spread Wall Art

Saturday, January 05, 2013
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First time i saw this project was from here, until i decide to make my own last night. When it finished, although it not that same like the original one, but i like mine better. Since the background is black, and i did some improvisation if we compare with the original project. 

So now, i want to give you the tutorial to make this on your own. Don't worry it's so simple and the most important it will bring you a lot of fun as well. Do this on your weekend. Ready? Here's come the material you need for do this project: 

  • canvas size 16 inch x 16 inch (or you can use any bigger size of canvas), new or you can use the old one as well. 
  • any of fabric, size bigger than the canvas. Mine use black satin for this. 
  • staple gun 
  • origami paper with motif and different colors (i used 5 colors for this)
  • paper glue
  • scissors 
Here's the step : 

Take your fabric, lay it on the floor and put the canvas on the top. Make sure the frame on the back, is the side that face you. Put the corner of the fabric on frame, and secure it with the staple gun. Do it to 4 sides of the frame. 

When it's done, here's come the 'take time' part. Take the origami paper and cut to size around 2-3 inch, each. I made 3 sizes, they were 2 inch, 2,5 inch and 3 inch. Make sure you cut enough to fill 3/4 the empty space. 

After you get all the square done, cut it again starting from the corner of the square to the opposite corner. Do to other side, then it would look like a leaf. There you are, you have a leaf now. Make the same to the rest of the paper.

Okay, and here's come to our FUN part! Cut a gold paper into a circle. Not too big, but not too small as well. We will put it for the center of the flower. Don't forget to glue it. Then put the smallest size on the first base, nearest the circle. 

You can do it randomly, it will be fun! If you look closely to what i've done, i have the smallest size first, then the medium then the biggest one. But i did put it all random as well. You might have to cut the size to make it smaller, so it will fit to one another. Don't forget to stick it with glue. Look it into mine 

Voila! You are done! Now it's up to you if you want to hang it on the wall, or wrap it and give to your loves one. 

If you enjoy it, please leave your comment on box down below.
Hope you'll like it and enjoy my first tutorial. More will come soon.

XO - Fienna N

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