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DIY Project : Flower Spread Wall Art

Saturday, January 05, 2013
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First time i saw this project was from here, until i decide to make my own last night. When it finished, although it not that same like the original one, but i like mine better. Since the background is black, and i did some improvisation if we compare with the original project. 

So now, i want to give you the tutorial to make this on your own. Don't worry it's so simple and the most important it will bring you a lot of fun as well. Do this on your weekend. Ready? Here's come the material you need for do this project: 

  • canvas size 16 inch x 16 inch (or you can use any bigger size of canvas), new or you can use the old one as well. 
  • any of fabric, size bigger than the canvas. Mine use black satin for this. 
  • staple gun 
  • origami paper with motif and different colors (i used 5 colors for this)
  • paper glue
  • scissors 
Here's the step : 

Take your fabric, lay it on the floor and put the canvas on the top. Make sure the frame on the back, is the side that face you. Put the corner of the fabric on frame, and secure it with the staple gun. Do it to 4 sides of the frame. 

When it's done, here's come the 'take time' part. Take the origami paper and cut to size around 2-3 inch, each. I made 3 sizes, they were 2 inch, 2,5 inch and 3 inch. Make sure you cut enough to fill 3/4 the empty space. 

After you get all the square done, cut it again starting from the corner of the square to the opposite corner. Do to other side, then it would look like a leaf. There you are, you have a leaf now. Make the same to the rest of the paper.

Okay, and here's come to our FUN part! Cut a gold paper into a circle. Not too big, but not too small as well. We will put it for the center of the flower. Don't forget to glue it. Then put the smallest size on the first base, nearest the circle. 

You can do it randomly, it will be fun! If you look closely to what i've done, i have the smallest size first, then the medium then the biggest one. But i did put it all random as well. You might have to cut the size to make it smaller, so it will fit to one another. Don't forget to stick it with glue. Look it into mine 

Voila! You are done! Now it's up to you if you want to hang it on the wall, or wrap it and give to your loves one. 

If you enjoy it, please leave your comment on box down below.
Hope you'll like it and enjoy my first tutorial. More will come soon.

XO - Fienna N

2 comments on "DIY Project : Flower Spread Wall Art"
  1. This is so inspiring! I plan to make one for myself :)

  2. Good for you! Enjoy and have a great day!


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