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Recap 6 months been away

Thursday, July 25, 2013
I feel i haven't visit since, long time ago. before writing this, i saw the last post. It was about DIY project i made, and it was January. It means i've been out for 6 months without checking my blog? Well, that quite some time.
So how r you guys? I don't think i have regular reader here, but hey i'm still writing this to whoever might read my blog.

That's a lot of happened since then. Not only in my life, but also in our life. I think for this post i want just recap what happened for this 6 month. I might not remember all those, but i will try.

So since January to this July, i have some recap memories (that i called), some of them are :

1. I was busy with my label of business. Before we called it "Enchanted Lounge" (i haven't post anything about this, yet) but now we changed the name into something simple which is "EnLou". You can find our collection through our Instagram EnLou_ , our twitter account @Enlou_id and our facebook page : Our product is basically anything handmade. We do 2 major line under 1 brand name. While me doing this home decorative stuff (wall art, pillow case, cushion cover, etc) , my sister a.k.a my partner doing fashion accessorize starting with brooch for your daily style.

2. For this last 6 months, i've been had broken heart, twice!! How sad is that?! One was in early February with my elementary school friend. I think he was cheat behind my back with someone i have no idea.. Well, shit happens. I'll recall that as a mistake that took 5 months of my life. Shit happens, i said. And another one was with this cute handsome gentleman i know from friend. It was one of greatest time, thou, it had to be end. Lemme tell you something, he's the kind of guy that you actually wanna get married with. Why? He's cute, truly gentleman, know how to treat a girl, he's good, and more than that he makes me calm whenever i see his eyes. The type that would make me fall for him all over again, just by one glance. But it also had to end quickly. and the secret is, he was the first guy i ever say 'i love you' to.

3. The recent one, we have lost a cute, adorable young actor who played on Glee. Yes, he's Cory Monteith. He was found dead on 13 July 2013 at Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver because of toxic mix of heroin and alcohol.

I am one of the fans of that hits tv show. When i read the news, i feel my heart falling apart. I guess you feel the same way. For those who love the show, might feel the same lost. Then i read about Lea Michele, Cory gf. Poor her. I heard that they were getting married in 2 weeks, then after found out the news, i guess now she wont see her self in wedding dress, anytime soon. #BeStrongLea tag is all over the place. But really, be strong Lea. We know this is hard for you, but you'll get through this, eventually.

Rest in peace, Cory Monteith. You'll be missed. Glee won't feel the same, without you. I hope Fox would tell the real story on Glee season 5, by not replacing the character or even worse, remove character of Finn Hudson just like that.

But just now i read this news that Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy is planning to make a tribute episode to honor Cory Monteith. Murphy said the tribute would address the death of Finn, the character that Cory played on the series. That show will be on the third episode of season 5. The show it self would return for its fifth season on September 26, a week later than the originally scheduled.

4. Maybe i'm quite confused as a person. One time i want to be a full time writer and part time blogger. So i decide to have another shot with my friend in his web. But i guess i love this blog even more. Having couple of blogs at the same time wont make me writing more often. This blog is the first blog i do like seriously. I've grown up with this blog. Write things for people i admire/loved or just simply have a crush on.. I think i'll just keep this one and abandon another one.. Or let say i'll be stick to this one.. And because this blog also have more personal meaning for me.. Something i love the most.. Something that makes me, ME!

5. After really long time, i finally land my heart to reading books again. I almost didn't remember when the last time i read book, just sit somewhere, holding a book. No music, no phone, means no distraction. It feels good somehow. And it makes me realize, to be happy isn't that so far away. Give yourself a book and imagination (and plenty of time) then you can fall really deep into something that we called 'heaven'. Well beside that, i feel that #ReadingIsSexy :p Beside times, reading is actually help you heal your broken heart (if you are into one).

Hm what else should i write down? I think that's pretty much it. After this post, i'll publish some posts that i did for another blog. Just in case you want to read it in this blog.. It wont take long..

Adios amigos, XO Peri Hutan

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