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Greetings : Welcome May!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014
For me, May come with full of surprises. New job, new life, and it all packed as one new adventure. And finally after long time I wish I have my own name for my blog, the wish has come true. I smiled a lot, when i type my own name to open this blog, and it works perfectly. For those who still type my old blog address : it will redirect to I guess I should celebrate it tonight. Haha I was joking. Hm.. not really, I really do feel want to do small celebration. Okay, let see. 

Not only that, this morning I received my official name card for office matters. It feels different. Well, I used to had my own name card (it was my I still doing EnLou), but this time is really different. My new official job. Okay, sounds cool, don't you think? Hehehe. 

This made everything seems official *wink*
Anything else, I've got a feeling that May gonna be a busy month. As for me, I've start my new job, could take more than a couple weeks to get used to with the works and everything going on around this business. But I'll take it as a challenge to be better person. Sounds cliche for a first jobber, don't you think? So, just let see how it goes and how I try to get along with all this things. Besides, I still looking for new place to stay. Not that I mind to always drive home office everyday, I loveee driving so much, but still, maybe it will be great if i have place to stay near office. 

One more thing, I would congrats my friend, Tijah, who will getting married on 6th of June this year. I'd love to come, if I could. The wedding it self will held in Malaysia, on Friday. Well, let see. I'm not sure i can just bail on my work and go there. But if I couldn't go, i would to congratulate you here dear. I'm so happy for you. 

See you guys on next post...
"In the end, you just gotta pick your happiness - AR"

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