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Life is simply blessing

Monday, May 05, 2014
Life is simply blessing

"I remember, it was around beginning of this year, me and my best friends meet up. Just like everyone else does, we talked about new years resolution. Don't ask me, mostly I forgot what I planned about my new year's resolution after few weeks, then make another one. Meh..

But it was one of my best girl said that she will get new job, hopefully new love life and of course new start. Simple yet fascinating. She said she wont looking back, because she isn't living in past life, but she lived in her present and for future life.

It wasn't lot of to ask, she asked to God just enough. Not too much, but not lesser as well. Like i said, just enough.

As for my self, I am not big fan of new years resolution. It wasn't useless to make one, but i always think that those resolution just keep us on fire at the beginning only. Like the first couple months of the year, the rest you know it better. Maybe some of us did the same way like I did. But to replace that, i better off with let it flow way. Means, I wont hoping so much doing this and that for new years resolution, but instead of it, i would just think and do it right away. For me too much planning equal with failure. Maybe I'm type of person who loves something spontaneous, less planning, more doing it.

Back to my friends new years resolution. Another friend of mine, I'm not quite sure what he want. But I know he dreaming about getting married soon, with someone that he still looking for. Okay, it sounds weird, but seems he's not ready to let go his recent love life. Not ready yet to move on. Let it be. I'm tired to always encourage him to just let it go, find someone new.

Now, few months has passed. Both me and my friend has finally get what we wished before. New job (for both of us) and new love life (I'm so happy for her). Maybe i should wait longer for love life section, and do more in the section of loving myself, before I can love someone else again. Okay i know what you all thinking, sounds lame, but hey that's what i told to my self. "Not this time Fienna, not now. Be patient."

I think that, life is simply a blessing, for those people who actually believe that life is such a perfect opportunity to grow and to be happy. It's really depend on how you do it, how you live it, how you look at it, and how you are gonna be grateful about it. For this year, i don't ask too much, but i ask just enough for me to feel blessed.

Like everyone else does, life brings up and down. But life, is simply a bless.
Fienna Nurhadi
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