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This May : Limit & Expired!

Sunday, May 25, 2014
Out of date.
No longer available.

I hate first word the most. and I'm not the biggest fan of something that has limit on it.
I like watching skies at night, when stars can spread to wherever they want, like when we pouring glitters to the black canvas.
I choose walking near the beach rather than mountain. So I can watch the wave running to each other, like kids try to catch one another.

Whenever i heard this word, I feel like in between of something really stupid. My hearts beating faster, when your arms attach to my skin.
Those stupid butterflies, that suppose to be stay in my tummy to tickle me, and remind me how i feel about him, now crawling up to my heart and mind. Try to screw me over.

Somehow, i know this is sound so stupid, but somehow i feel like we are in sort of between expired of something. Although no one warn me before, I knew I'll lose you someday. Lose to someone else.
Whenever it comes to you, i always knew there's something called expired. Never like that word. Never like to have to let you go.

But, what choice do i have? It's not like you can love me back. We both are in the middle of something stupid. It feels like we both are stuck here. Can't go anywhere.

Can something about you be just limitless?
This second word i hate the most, but it sure exist in this world. Both of our world.
Okay, it's not like we both are in same world. Well, we are, but sometimes, i feel like i just can't get in to yours, as much as i wanted to be.
You, have your own world. You set your own goal. As far as i can see, I'm not even in it.

I wish i don't have to hear that word coming around and remind me that those times may have their own limit, when i'm with you.
Could it be just us, no limit, no expired date?
Could it be just our story, our rule against the world?
Could it be just our words, our line, without something end it?
Could it be just us?

I wish we had more time, to spread our wishes together, like stars spreading on the black and no limit sky.
I wish we had more memories to catch up, before the wave of expired time catch both of us and bring us back to the reality.

To you, to us, to set our own rule, limit, and no expired date.


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