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This May : Scoliosis with Me

Thursday, May 22, 2014
So, today when i was waiting some answer from my client (believe me, its not what i want to tell you, nor you want to hear one), I watched this Indonesian movie called Mika. Played by Vino G Bastian as Mika and Velove Vexia as Indi. From what i read on some review of this movie, it was actually comes from a book with title 'Waktu aku sama Mika' by Indi. Its actually real story of girl name Indi.

I'm not gonna tell you how the story goes on this movie, I watched only 3/4 part of it before my DVD got error anyway. Annoying, I know. But if you wanna know what happen between this 2 characters, Indi & Mika, and how the story ended, you should buy the disc and watch it by yourself. Here's the cover of the movie, so you can get it after you read it (if you are Indonesian, its so much easy to find one).

Like i said before, not the story or the movie what i want to tell you here, now. But the movie itself, remind me of me back then. Not that i had relationship with a guy that had HIV/AIDS (oh no, seriously i never had one) like Indi had Mika in this movie, but I have the same thing like Indi has. Scoliosis.

Yeah, you heard (or read) me. Scoliosis. Oh and puhleaseeee, scoliosis is soo much different with osteophorosis. Please do google, if you wanna know more about this, so next time if you heard someone has Scoliosis on them, don't tell them to drink more milk. Its not related.

Scoliosis is about abnormal curve of spine/backbone. It caused by .... Okay, better you google it again, to find out more. While mine, because of genetic. The doctor said because few generations before me, whoever he/she was had one also. It was one of my aunt who find out that my back looks different. How it was pretty clear to see? I was so slim that time (well, still am now. Prefer terms slim than thin. Sounds better).

My backbone was like letter S (S for scary or super? Hehehe.), when we had X-Ray around year 2001 or 2002. I knew i still have it those X-Ray, just forgot where to put them. One day, after few check up and some second opinion from this doctor and that doctor, my dad asked me (not entirely true, more about brought me a surprise) to got me stayed a while in hospital. Why I said a while? Because it was a month I need to stay in hospital, to prepared me before the surgery.

Yes, they get me my first huge surgery. Not just an ordinary surgery, but it was backbone surgery. They did actually opened up my back, put something on it (long platinum pins on my backbone), and closed it again. and why i said a month in hospital, because i had to did some physiotherapy to prepare my backbone.

Did the surgery hurt me? Not really. But really it was not hurt at all. Yeah, i don't know how much dosage they gave me anesthesia before and after the surgery. What i know was, when i woke up, i really not feeling anything wrong. Just same like before. Sounds really nothing change or to worry about.

But it wasn't finish until then. In fact, it was just a beginning. Believe it or not, i had to struggle some more process before i could got off from hospital. I had to learn how to step on, i had to learn how to walk again. So, yeah, i did some therapy to get my feet on track again.

Like i said, it wasn't an ending, in fact it was just a beginning. Like in Mika's movie, Indi character got somehow lonely, friendless kind of girl, feels and got sort of different from the others, while my story had not much different from that.

I remembered, it was my final year in Junior high school, around 2002-2003. I had to missed school for almost a month (although it feels really like more than just a month) for before-after surgery. When i get back to school, i had to sit on the back, with special seat that my father made for me. What kind of seat if you might ask? Well, it was like normal seat that placed above wooden box. So, the seat somehow higher than any other seat in my class.

And it wasn't the end. I wasn't a popular girl back then. Even my friends weren't noticed at all i was missed school for that long. Okay, maybe just a couple of friend realize it, the rest just doesn't care. I had to skipped all activity that possibly injured my bone. And not to forget that i had to use braces.

If you want to know what is braces, let's take a few look at these picture below :
Braces Spine 1

Corset braces for spine
Okay. Before I wore braces, I had gips (gypsum) around my body. You know that white gypsum, that usually wrapped on your hand or foot if you have injuries? Nah, i had that gypsum from my chest to hips. Feels soo much uncomfortable, if you ask me. I forgot it takes one or two months before i had my light brown corset braces to straight still my body. They even got me a chainsaw machine (small one, don't worry) to cut out the gypsum, because it was pretty thick.

My life was little easier when I had corset braces with me. It was last for few of months of recovery before they took it off. Hm.. Scoliosis with me is so much memories. It reminds me how my parents loves me. They really did their best possible to help me.

Get into surgery actually wasn't the only choice for people like me, with scoliosis. There are lots of cases that choose wear braces for 23 hours a day (like Indi) to get better. I believe that these days are better. The technology helps patients with better and more choices. Also to get into big surgery like this need extra cash and extra efforts. You can check THIS BLOG HERE to get to know how much it cost to get the surgery.

What else should i add on? Okay, maybe next time i could tell you how i feel about this Scoliosis with me, so for the scolioser out there, don't be worry. Your life are not end yet, just because you have Scoliosis. And sorry for the lack of my grammar, yeah i know it's so really bad. Hahaha. But i hope you get what i meant to say.

So, see you next time!

ps : all picture originally from few website. For reference only. 
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