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This May : Top 5 DIY by LaurDIY

Friday, May 09, 2014
In my free time, I love just browsing, looking for new ideas. Pinterest and Youtube are my favorites. But now I want to tell you one of my favorite girl that has done so many creative videos on her own. She even tell the viewers how and why she started her own Youtube channel, LaurDIY.

She loves doing DIY, and almost half of her stuff are made by her. She's so inspiring, don't you think? So, here I am, one of her fan, writing about her 5 DIY that I love the most, and hopefully I can do it anytime soon (between chasing client and try to not screwed up my new job)..  Enjoy!

Anyway, you can find Lauren Youtube channel HERE or you can just directly log on into Youtube website and type LaurDIY.

How to : Costum Laptop, iPhone & Tablet Skins

Wanted something different for your own laptop or phone-case, try this tutorial.

DIY: Brandy Melville Wooden Sign

I found this tutorial so interesting. You could make this for yourself, of give it to someone special, or maybe send as a gift for your people. It would make them happy. What better gift than something personal and you make yourself, right?

Easter/Spring DIY : No Sew Baby Chick Pillow

This is cute, i bet you or even your nephew would love it. Make some for them. They just gonna love it and not putting this down!

Apartement Decor DIY : Glitter Canvas Wall Art

Okay, everybody loves glitter and put them on the wall. Both of this are really pretty if you hang on your room wall, make it not so blank. Or... or you could just give him to someone. It would be a great gift your their house! Your masterpiece on someone else wall, you will feel great!!

DIY Room Decor: Christmas Lights to Bubble Lights

I love lamp, and this one as just as simple as you buy one. But, if you could just make one for your room, you'll more way proud. Go go go make it one!!

After watch those videos, I bet you wanna try one of them as well. So I add on one of her videos from her channel on Youtube, that showing us how her room look alike.. I love her room, it's simple, so organize and pretty too...

Apartment Room Tour | LaurDIY

Great isn't? I just loooveee her room, and i wish i had one as well.

See you on the next post!

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