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Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Hello Summer! 

For some countries, they do have summer, including Indonesia (although thanks to global warming all over this earth, seems weather not following the usual tracks). So, i'd like to introduce you to few of my favorite DIY that you could try to fill out some free time. Ah, lucky you to have such a good time, totally envy you btw.

Who's this girl?
Is she famous? 
To answer both question, I'd answer with She's Lauren Conrad. Famous? Hell yeah! Since her tv show, The Hills, couple years back on MTV (I took her side, rather than Heidi. Well, maybe because I watch her and love her positive attitude..). After successful The Hills, she continue her existence with consistent writing book by book. And it was made best sellers. Okay pardon my lack of English, it getting worst day by day.  

So anyway, I love her and love her website as well. For me, she's so creative in so many ways. She does so many things. Writing, be a star of reality show, a designer and a successful entrepreneur. Wow! From so many things that she wrote on her website , she did some simple DIY that you gonna love it as well. As a DIY junkie myself, I'd like to share my favorite post from her website. Hope you enjoy it and try make it one as well.. 

Here we go... 

1. Hocus Pocus : My Tooth Fairy Hallowen Costume 

2. Halloween DIY : Easy Angel Wings

3.  Crafty Creations : Detachable Shoe Bows

4. Halloween DIY : The Carrie Bradshaw Costume (Tutu)

5. Crafty Creations : Revamped Clutch

Sorry for the lack of picture, but you can also open her channel on Youtube to get more clearly instruction of the DIY.. and don't forget to enjoy. I'll post some more DIY from another blogger/vblog artist, so you can have more and more DIY by the end of the summer!

Happy Summer Holiday!

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