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This August : The Power Of One (Diversity)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I found this just now, when I need to delete some files on my HD external. This one actually one of my assignment in college, forgot what subject it was. I think it was for creative writing, One Diversity was the theme. Yeah my college was crazy about diversity and all that kind of stuff. Students came from all around the world, so basically you can meet people from another side of the world just in one place. Meet then become friends. What a fun memories. 

So yeah, here it is, sort of poem about diversity...

The Power of One

So many thought
Comes from people who always have a dream
Dream will stay in a beautiful place and peaceful
Its called home

When the world was almost split
People on earth lifted their sleeves
No color, no height or weight
Every single feel. One soul. One faith.

The world will always be their home
For those who believe in beautiful peace
As color, rank and degree are the same
Who are left with the sense of honor.

And the world will always be their home
For those who believe when one is beautiful
When color and form is not a barrier
When mutual trust is a real
When ego is no longer objective
When one is a destination.
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