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Tips & Tricks Playing Circle

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Only few games that made me almost throw my phone away while playing. One of them was flappy bird. I knew you play it at least once, and still remember how stressful play that game? How you easily pissed off to that stupid bird that easily dead once he got hit by the wall? 

Nah, for those who misses game look a like and have same level of stress, you should try this one. Called Cirlce. Just Circle. It's available on IOS (perhaps on Android as well. But since I dont use Android, please check it out for me, will ya?) 
So, while I playing it, I've got an idea, why I'm not just writing it down tips & trick while play Circle... Yes, it might sounds silly after all, but that's what game is about, to challenge you and somehow to makes you looks silly and stupid (until you get mad and wanna throw your beloved brand new iPhone or iPad or ). 
So here we come : 

Please DO this! : 
a. Hold and later crunch as much paper/plastic/animal stuff/doll you can get when you get lose. Trust me, this would much better than throwing it out your gadget. At least you wont cry later.
b. You better be have place that comfortable enough for you to sit on before you start it. and, hug a pillow please. this will help you to lower down your voice when you scream later (trust me, in some point you will scream louder)
c. Please learn how to control you beat while breathing, or breathing smoothly.
d. Try not blinking too often, or better be, do not blinking at all.

Please, please i beg you, DO NOT DO THIS :
a. DO NOT play with anything sharp around you. I don't want to heard anyone get hurt or do something stupid after playing this game
b. DO NOT play while your other hand hold something heavy or things like electronics. Trust me, you will regret it later
c. DO NOT think of anything. Not even your ups and down complicated relationship with your bf, gf or anyone. You know the line really gonna pissed you off, because all you have to do just get through it and not touch it, at all.
d. DO NOT get too excited when your score is getting high, it would ruin your focus and your breathing at some point.
e. DO NOT throw your gadget when your circle accidentally touch the line (and your score are 100 something). Just don't. Please wrap your hand and your gadget with sticky tape instead.

If you still lose, I beg you, please, dont kill someone... It's just a game anyway, not a battle between life and death. Just chill...

The Rain - Terlatih Patah Hati

Akhir-akhir ini, saya mulai kerajingan nulis lagi. Iya, balik ke rutinitas nulis lagi. Blog - novel - blog - novel. Masih mencoba untuk nulis rutin setiap hari, paling tidak sejam,
Anyway, di kantor nih beberapa hari lalu salah satu orang kantor pasang lagu yang liriknya catchy banget. Kalau penasara, nih video klipnya dari youtube plus liriknya di bawah... Seru banget buat di nyanyiin bareng sama sahabat, sebagai titik balik langkah move on kalian (buat yang habis patah hati..)


Aku sudah mulai lupa
Saat pertama rasakan lara
Oleh harapan yang pupus
Hingga hati cedera serius

Terima kasih kalian
Barisan para mantan
Dan semua yang pergi
Tanpa sempat aku miliki
Tak satupun yang aku sesali
Hanya membuatku semakin terlatih

Begini rasanya terlatih patah hati
Hadapi getirnya terlatih disakiti
Bertepuk sebelah tangan (sudah biasa)
Ditinggal tanpa alasan (sudah biasa)
Penuh luka itu pasti tapi aku tetap bernyanyi

Lama tak ku dengar tentangnya
Yang paling dalam tancapkan luka
Satu hal yang aku tahu
Terkadang dia juga rindu

Terima kasih kalian
Barisan para mantan
Dan semua yang pergi
Tanpa sempat aku miliki

Tak satupun yang aku sesali
Hanya membuatku semakin terlatih

Begini rasanya terlatih patah hati
Hadapi getirnya terlatih disakiti
Bertepuk sebelah tangan (sudah biasa)
Ditinggal tanpa alasan (sudah biasa)
Penuh luka itu pasti tapi aku tetap bernyanyi

Begini rasanya terlatih patah hati
Hadapi getirnya terlatih disakiti
Bertepuk sebelah tangan (sudah biasa)
Ditinggal tanpa alasan (sudah biasa)
Penuh luka itu pasti tapi aku tetap bernyanyi

10 Simple ways to Cheer Up Yourself

Monday, October 27, 2014
Some people said, when Monday is arrive and weekend left us behind, the mood possibly turn down. But there are so many ways to cheer up yourself again, so you can get through new day with new smile. So, I listed down 10 Simple ways to Cheer Up Yourself, when your mood suddenly turn off. I hope these would help you in every way..

1. Meet Up your best friend or your lover
Maybe you are not a person that have a bunch of people to be with you all the time. But I'm pretty sure you have at least one particular person that can always cheer you up. When you with him/her, that moment would booster your mood. Go call them, arrange a meet up. Have good and quality time together. Makes sure he/she makes you laugh.

2. Play with your pet
If you have pet, could be cat or dog (or some other beautiful creatures), play with them. I don't know how this works, but playing with them always makes mood turn okay again. I don't have dog (although i always wanted one), but I heard they could give you that looks like they understand your feeling. Cat doesn't do the same, but playing or having them around you, i bet it would makes you feel better too. If you don't have any pet at home, just go to pet store and play with them there. Sometimes, I visit pet store just too play shake hands with dog or rub their belly. It's fun, and make up my mood as well.

3. Do a project and get creative
This would help you if you are a creative person. If not, don't worry, I still have 7 things to do right below this point. But if you are a creative person, having a project, either it's cooking, writing, painting or sewing, or other creative things, would help you feel better. Mostly it will effect your pride. You know how its important to feel good about yourself first, then the mood automatically will go up and higher. Then, what are you waiting for, go get your self a creative project on your own. Doesn't have to be expensive, it could be just a simple experiment on your cooking, or it could be a sketch of your design for imaginary boutique line. Or anything. Find your inspiration at Pinterest, and go get creative!

4. Do make up and dress up like you want to go for a date
This actually could work. You know those feeling when you are going for a date with your lover or your special person? Nah, how about you try to have that make up on you, and that new dress you bought last week for a date? Have it and wear it for a day. Let's see how it turns out.
When i go to work, i don't wear make up that much. Only simple basic make up. Like lip balm and blush on. but when I woke up in the morning, and i feel my mood just drop, I put make up on my face, and smile. It's makes me feel better. You should try!

5. Take a hot shower or have a quality time on your bath up
Many people would do this. They say it's me time when they would drop out any tired and exhausted feeling. Well, since I don't have bath up on my bathroom, all i can do is actually let waters swipe away my problem through showers. Or if you wanna try, get wet and dancing in the rain. Well, somehow it help, then you will get flu and cold the day after.

6. Write something 
Write something on your diary, or journal, or blog. Or if you don't have those, just write something on your note. It doesn't have to be good. Well, you can judge on your own write. Writing will help you let it out your bad feeling. It definitely makes you better. Or maybe it will help you find your secret skills, and write a story someday, based on your notes? Who knows! So, grab your paper and pen, and go write something!

7. Buy flowers 
Do not wait someone to buy you flowers, just buy yourself a bouquet. Usually i bought myself a bouquet of Tuberose flowers on weekend, so when I woke up, there will be a good smell all over my room. In Indonesia, this flowers known used for a wedding decoration, as well for cemetery. A bit creepy to put it in bed room, but I just love the smell. You can buy any flowers you want, such as Jasmine, Casablanca or Lilly that have good smell. Or perhaps you like Rose, although it doesn't have smell, it would looks good as a decoration on your desk.

8. Have Me-time and pamper yourself 
Go out, have good lunch or dinner, buy yourself new pair of shoes, go to beauty salon, and go have fun. Well, if payday still far away and you run out of cash, then have spa day at home. Search how to do a spa day. Good food, good book, and good sleep, would makes good time and good mood will come again soon.

9. Let it Out and Scream Loud
Do this on your roof top your apartment or your house or your office building, but be careful up there. Don't makes anyone worried you gonna fall of. Let it out whatever screw your mind, scream it out loud. It would be good idea if you do it on a bridge or while you driving (I have seen it on movie, it looks good. I wanna try it someday, I hope my partner don't mind. It means I get crazy only. LOL!)

10. Get yourself a Karaoke day
 Who doesn't love to sing? I bet everyone does love to sing. And no one can judge you like if you try an audition for American Idol or something. Then, get yourself a karaoke day! Sing lots of favorite song. If you don't like to be alone, then ask your friends to come along. It would make your day bright again.. I have my own karaoke time every time i drive. It's fun, although sometimes other drivers look at me like I crazy or something, but who cares?! My car, my rules. I can dance and sing at the same time and I don't care what other people think. You can do the same. Don't forget, sing it out loud!

Feeling Good about Yourself

Sunday, October 26, 2014
Its been long time since last time i posted something for my own blog. I mean, a real post, not just some lyrics post. But anyway, how do you do so far? I hope everything goin well.

I don't know where to start. I've been pretty busy myself lately, for work. I have a job, good one, still in starting level, but i liking it. It's a dynamic world, lot's of thing going on and I'm still trying to makes everything works out. That's my plan for now.

But there's something bothers me. Like everybody else, a job should makes you feel good about yourself. Things that makes you feel you earn something great. It could be a rewards, an awards or just a simple compliment that gave you feeling like, "Wow you really good at this. You should stay and work some more." Lately, i just don't feel that way about myself.

But that feeling comes when weekend's around and i have 2 days to makes my feeling good again and hopefully it will help me go through the weekdays. Somehow, I feel this isn't right, this is wrong feeling, and i shouldn't feel like this way, but it happens!

Day by day, a month and two passed, it didn't get any better. At one point i just want to give up, and just runaway. Far far away from all of this. But again, i cant just do that. A small part of me, tell that i should finish what i started, at least for some time. I should get up and face the problems in front of me. And i know what is the problem. My idealistic heart and mind. These both things (mind and heart) wanted me to do something else. Something that I even never learn it before on school ground. Something that i feel just fall of from the sky and hit my head. Something that i really wanted to do so freaking bad and makes me feels great about myself. This thing makes me crazy and messed my mind because I kept pending it. Something that most of people say i should do earlier or now.

Maybe i just cant do it now, or this year. But hopefully if i can make it until next year, and i'll try to makes my dream comes true. Next year baby, it will be pretty excited year for me and myself. Maybe i care about having lots of money on my pocket, but i care about my heart too. I dont want feeling shit about myself too long.. I think everybody would wanted the same way. Have a great feeling about their self. Work their ass off, and can earn so much from it. That want i wanted too.

2 in 1 Skirt Dress
Maybe next year could give me so much thing, more than this year. Next year i want to start over, with career I choose for myself, making things i love the most, give it or selling it and makes people happy with my things. It would feel million times much better. I hope so.

But for now, I still get some things that makes me feel good about myself. Almost every weekend, i could meet my favorite person, have some quality times with him. I start to actually write again, and work on my writing project. I do different projects every weekend that makes me feel soo excited!
Reversible Storage

I hope next year i could do it anytime, and maybe makes money from it. How cool is that! Maybe it isn't perfect, and i still need time to make it better, but these projects is my world. I feel i belong here. My passion is this. Making things. Be a craftwomen.

For whoever out there, who have the same feeling like me, you should know that you aren't alone. It takes time to get to your passion, don't worry you will get there eventually. DO things that makes you happy the most, there are the heaven of your world. I hope you all get your own happiness and heaven, anytime soon. I hope I could get my own sooner.

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