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10 Simple ways to Cheer Up Yourself

Monday, October 27, 2014
Some people said, when Monday is arrive and weekend left us behind, the mood possibly turn down. But there are so many ways to cheer up yourself again, so you can get through new day with new smile. So, I listed down 10 Simple ways to Cheer Up Yourself, when your mood suddenly turn off. I hope these would help you in every way..

1. Meet Up your best friend or your lover
Maybe you are not a person that have a bunch of people to be with you all the time. But I'm pretty sure you have at least one particular person that can always cheer you up. When you with him/her, that moment would booster your mood. Go call them, arrange a meet up. Have good and quality time together. Makes sure he/she makes you laugh.

2. Play with your pet
If you have pet, could be cat or dog (or some other beautiful creatures), play with them. I don't know how this works, but playing with them always makes mood turn okay again. I don't have dog (although i always wanted one), but I heard they could give you that looks like they understand your feeling. Cat doesn't do the same, but playing or having them around you, i bet it would makes you feel better too. If you don't have any pet at home, just go to pet store and play with them there. Sometimes, I visit pet store just too play shake hands with dog or rub their belly. It's fun, and make up my mood as well.

3. Do a project and get creative
This would help you if you are a creative person. If not, don't worry, I still have 7 things to do right below this point. But if you are a creative person, having a project, either it's cooking, writing, painting or sewing, or other creative things, would help you feel better. Mostly it will effect your pride. You know how its important to feel good about yourself first, then the mood automatically will go up and higher. Then, what are you waiting for, go get your self a creative project on your own. Doesn't have to be expensive, it could be just a simple experiment on your cooking, or it could be a sketch of your design for imaginary boutique line. Or anything. Find your inspiration at Pinterest, and go get creative!

4. Do make up and dress up like you want to go for a date
This actually could work. You know those feeling when you are going for a date with your lover or your special person? Nah, how about you try to have that make up on you, and that new dress you bought last week for a date? Have it and wear it for a day. Let's see how it turns out.
When i go to work, i don't wear make up that much. Only simple basic make up. Like lip balm and blush on. but when I woke up in the morning, and i feel my mood just drop, I put make up on my face, and smile. It's makes me feel better. You should try!

5. Take a hot shower or have a quality time on your bath up
Many people would do this. They say it's me time when they would drop out any tired and exhausted feeling. Well, since I don't have bath up on my bathroom, all i can do is actually let waters swipe away my problem through showers. Or if you wanna try, get wet and dancing in the rain. Well, somehow it help, then you will get flu and cold the day after.

6. Write something 
Write something on your diary, or journal, or blog. Or if you don't have those, just write something on your note. It doesn't have to be good. Well, you can judge on your own write. Writing will help you let it out your bad feeling. It definitely makes you better. Or maybe it will help you find your secret skills, and write a story someday, based on your notes? Who knows! So, grab your paper and pen, and go write something!

7. Buy flowers 
Do not wait someone to buy you flowers, just buy yourself a bouquet. Usually i bought myself a bouquet of Tuberose flowers on weekend, so when I woke up, there will be a good smell all over my room. In Indonesia, this flowers known used for a wedding decoration, as well for cemetery. A bit creepy to put it in bed room, but I just love the smell. You can buy any flowers you want, such as Jasmine, Casablanca or Lilly that have good smell. Or perhaps you like Rose, although it doesn't have smell, it would looks good as a decoration on your desk.

8. Have Me-time and pamper yourself 
Go out, have good lunch or dinner, buy yourself new pair of shoes, go to beauty salon, and go have fun. Well, if payday still far away and you run out of cash, then have spa day at home. Search how to do a spa day. Good food, good book, and good sleep, would makes good time and good mood will come again soon.

9. Let it Out and Scream Loud
Do this on your roof top your apartment or your house or your office building, but be careful up there. Don't makes anyone worried you gonna fall of. Let it out whatever screw your mind, scream it out loud. It would be good idea if you do it on a bridge or while you driving (I have seen it on movie, it looks good. I wanna try it someday, I hope my partner don't mind. It means I get crazy only. LOL!)

10. Get yourself a Karaoke day
 Who doesn't love to sing? I bet everyone does love to sing. And no one can judge you like if you try an audition for American Idol or something. Then, get yourself a karaoke day! Sing lots of favorite song. If you don't like to be alone, then ask your friends to come along. It would make your day bright again.. I have my own karaoke time every time i drive. It's fun, although sometimes other drivers look at me like I crazy or something, but who cares?! My car, my rules. I can dance and sing at the same time and I don't care what other people think. You can do the same. Don't forget, sing it out loud!
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