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Tips & Tricks Playing Circle

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Only few games that made me almost throw my phone away while playing. One of them was flappy bird. I knew you play it at least once, and still remember how stressful play that game? How you easily pissed off to that stupid bird that easily dead once he got hit by the wall? 

Nah, for those who misses game look a like and have same level of stress, you should try this one. Called Cirlce. Just Circle. It's available on IOS (perhaps on Android as well. But since I dont use Android, please check it out for me, will ya?) 
So, while I playing it, I've got an idea, why I'm not just writing it down tips & trick while play Circle... Yes, it might sounds silly after all, but that's what game is about, to challenge you and somehow to makes you looks silly and stupid (until you get mad and wanna throw your beloved brand new iPhone or iPad or ). 
So here we come : 

Please DO this! : 
a. Hold and later crunch as much paper/plastic/animal stuff/doll you can get when you get lose. Trust me, this would much better than throwing it out your gadget. At least you wont cry later.
b. You better be have place that comfortable enough for you to sit on before you start it. and, hug a pillow please. this will help you to lower down your voice when you scream later (trust me, in some point you will scream louder)
c. Please learn how to control you beat while breathing, or breathing smoothly.
d. Try not blinking too often, or better be, do not blinking at all.

Please, please i beg you, DO NOT DO THIS :
a. DO NOT play with anything sharp around you. I don't want to heard anyone get hurt or do something stupid after playing this game
b. DO NOT play while your other hand hold something heavy or things like electronics. Trust me, you will regret it later
c. DO NOT think of anything. Not even your ups and down complicated relationship with your bf, gf or anyone. You know the line really gonna pissed you off, because all you have to do just get through it and not touch it, at all.
d. DO NOT get too excited when your score is getting high, it would ruin your focus and your breathing at some point.
e. DO NOT throw your gadget when your circle accidentally touch the line (and your score are 100 something). Just don't. Please wrap your hand and your gadget with sticky tape instead.

If you still lose, I beg you, please, dont kill someone... It's just a game anyway, not a battle between life and death. Just chill...

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