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Friday Fifteen : 15 Q&A Dream & Life

Friday, December 04, 2015
Yes, it's been quite long time since my last #FridayFifteen and the whole Q&A. After been busy with all Japan Trip and the mess in my life after the trip, I think I can finally say that I feel okay again. This week been trying to get all my spark back, and now they are finally here. I can feel it my spark here again.

Hopefully I'll be able to write again here, while still doing my main job as an account executive, and next year gonna start new side project. So excited!! Are you ready for this time Q&A? The term are still the same. If you wanna ask me something, about anything, drop me your question via my email, my twitter or you can just drop it on the comment section below, and I'll answer it in the next #FridayFifteen Q&A. Why always Q&A? Because I love answering people questions!

1. How are you, really? Are you okay?
A : No, I'm not okay. But I know I'll be okay.

2. How do you feel right now? What are you thinking about?
A : Excited, it's a payday. Finally. I'm thinking about writing my second part of Japan Trip Detail. Just looking for the place where I stayed, which was available in Airbnb. Check my post next week, for full coverage my short trip to Hokkaido a couple weeks ago! By the way, I'm planning to watch Mockingjay part 2 on IMAX tonight!

Weekly Notes #7 JAPAN TRIP DETAIL!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Holaaaaa again!!

Okay, okay. Its my bad because once again I keep skipping on my routine with Weekly Notes. So this notes should be aired last weekend, but I was just too tired to open my laptop and writing. Not jetlag situation, but just simply tired after long hour and direct flight, back from Chitose (Hokkaido) - Narita Tokyo - Jakarta, Indonesia. The planed landed in Jakarta at 00.30am midnight, and I reached home finally at 01.30am. Exhausted.

But the trip was fun. I had so much fun. Although there was language barrier, but it was fun went abroad with mom and sister. Not sure about bonding time, but at least we talked about things.

For this post I think I'd share to you little bit scoop about Japan and where I went to around Shinjuku & Hokkaido. How I goin around the city with zero percent of Japanese language? Actually, I want to make it like vlog going around Japan, it would look so cool. But I think my confidence wasn't good enough to keep talking to the camera, so I just recorded it sometimes, and give little bit talk as well. I'll try edit it later and put it on Youtube (if I brave enough). Lol. So, here the scoop about the trip! This one will be longer than usual Weekly Notes, and you'll see lots of photos. 

1. Shibuya 
When you heard about Shibuya, you must be know (from TV or maybe you have been visit that place a while back) about the legend Shiba dog, Hachiko, that waiting his master in front of train station until he died. Yes, in this place you can find Hachiko statue, that believe me, never quiet by the visitor. Not only foreigner that want to have picture with the statue, even the Japanese people also keep buzzing around the place.

Kiat Menggunakan Kartu Kredit Secara Hemat dan Cermat

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Daya beli masyarakat Indonesia cenderung meningkat seiring dengan pertumbuhan ekonomi. Tak hanya belanja secara konvensional, pengguna kartu kredit pun jumlahnya semakin bertambah. Cara pemakaian yang praktis memang membuat Anda sering mengandalkan kartu kredit sebagai transaksi pembayaran.
Dapatkan kebutuhan Anda di dengan cicilan 0%.
Berbicara tentang promo belanja menggunakan kartu kredit, Anda juga bisa menikmatinya di MatahariMall. Cari barang terlengkap di dengan promo cicilan 0% atau tanpa bunga. Anda bisa memiliki barang yang Anda butuhkan namun tidak terbebani dengan bunga kartu kredit yang besar. Kewajiban untuk membayar angsuran pasti terasa lebih ringan dan menguntungkan.
Menggunakan kartu kredit kerap diidentikkan dengan pemborosan. Anggapan ini berkembang karena adanya bunga kartu kredit yang harus dibayarkan secara berkala agar tidak menumpuk. Namun ternyata kartu kredit punya banyak manfaat jika Anda bisa menggunakannya secara hemat dan cermat. Mau tahu kiat-kiat menggunakan kartu kredit agar tepat guna?
Kartu Kredit Itu Bukan Uang Tambahan
Anggapan yang satu ini harus Anda tanamkan pada diri Anda sejak pertama kali memiliki kartu kredit. Memiliki kartu kredit bukan berarti pendapatan Anda bertambah. Kartu kredit hanya akan menjadi perantara bagi kebutuhan berbelanja dan pembayaran kewajiban. Selanjutnya, tentu saja Anda harus melunasi penggunaan kartu kredit tersebut.
Usahakan untuk Melunasi Sebelum Tanggal Jatuh Tempo
Tanggal jatuh tempo kartu kredit adalah salah satu hal penting yang harus selalu Anda ingat. Pasalnya, terlambat membayar kartu kredit berarti menambah beban Anda untuk membayar denda keterlambatan ditambah dengan jumlah bunga yang harus dilunasi. Alangkah jauh lebih baik jika Anda menghemat pengeluaran Anda dengan cara membayar kartu kredit tepat waktu. Bukankah denda keterlambatan yang tidak semestinya itu bisa Anda alokasikan untuk kebutuhan lainnya?
Manfaatkan Promo Kartu Kredit
Kartu kredit biasanya memiliki promo tertentu yang bisa Anda manfaatkan untuk berhemat. Jenis promo yang paling sering ditawarkan adalah promo belanja, diskon di restoran tertentu, serta promo potongan harga tiket pesawat. Nominal diskon yang cukup besar bisa membuat Anda berhemat asalkan Anda tidak tersendar-sendat saat membayar kartu kredit setiap bulan.

Weekly Notes #4

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
This post coming out late, I know. Actually, I don't know what to write, until few days ago, when I met up with one old friend at coffee shop in my area. He was my favorite person, 2 years ago. Yes, the one I lost my happiness and made me broken heart and hardly moved on, the one that I bring up on the previous Weekly Notes (Read the last Weekly Notes #3 here).

It wasn't the first time we met again after long lost contact. But it actually was our first time talk about how we met, how we watched movie together and running in the rain because we parked my car far away from the mall. It was funny, but thanks to my worst saving memories in my brain, I almost forget about that. Need couple minutes to remember all those things again, and laughed. I saw him smiling and blushing. Geez, then suddenly I realize what makes me fall for this guy in the first place. The way he smiled. The harmless and innocent smile.

It's funny thing about memories, once we open one, we just couldn't stop. We keep opening one box to another one. "Remember when..." is become our favorite line to start new conversation. Memories, actually not about the person. He had silly and stupid reason (but true, one reason you won't hear when you dated someone) when break up. It was awful and bad one experienced. When it done, we always had those good memories left in one part of our life.

Sure you can delete his number, photos that capture how happy when you were together (but kinda hurt to see now), his number, his sweet texts before when you two broke up. But somehow, the good memories will remain the same. It just there. Waiting for you to open the dusty box again when you are ready.  Memories are really sweet things. Like candy, can't stop eating them when you started.

After that meeting, the next night, I met another friend. This one is my best buddy, we met every week for coffee session (I called it our coffee-lity time), when we could spill our life problem and update things between life routine. I don't know when it all started, but we have been like this for quite sometimes.

That night, after dinner outside, we came back to his place. It was started from one topic then he started reminiscing what was happened back then about his last relationship. I know few story he told me about how and why they two broke up, but not the exact thing (this is normal, since he is a guy. They just don't spill it out easily about their own problem).

He telling me things about his relationship, how he started it, how he started dating that girl, how he loved all the process until how he finally lost her and have to let go all things. Until he said, "I still can't forget how beautiful she was when I woke her up in the morning, the way she loved me, how much she can loved me, how much she insecure about our friendship, the way I try to win her heart. Everything. Just can't forget it." It was his last relationship ended around 4 years ago and still no one can beat her place in his heart. I see him live in the present but still wish he wasn't that dumb 4 years ago.

In the end, I think that what memories does to us. Gave us something to remember, something to laugh or cry one day, to learn from mistake, to be better in present day, to feel that we had good times or bad experience once and get better for next time. It's always fun to start our conversation with "Remember when we were..." and smiled because it happens. When things are done, and nothing in any power we can get it back, just smiled not cry, because it happens.

"Sometimes the smallest of things, triggers memories so stranger and so beautiful that leave us speechless. Memories are a funny thing. The small pieces of our past. They are always safe in our memories. Memories are like chocolate boxes, once open you can't stop at just one." 
- Naina Talwar from Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani (2013)

One more week to the trip!! Next week I'll visit Japan with my mom and my sister (bounding time) for a week. Hope I can share my experience from there. I am super excited for this trip, but haven't decided what I want to bring it there, yet. One part of traveling I hate the most is actually packing, but wish me luck for this trip! 

P.S : Today, 27th October is actually World Kiss Day. So have you kiss your loves one today? 

Good afternoon & good luck! 

Make A Date With Your Laptop! Here The Best Tv Shows For This Fall!

Friday, October 23, 2015

You don't have anyone to go with in this weekend, or you just decided that you want to spend all weekend stay at home? Well, at least take your laptop and bury yourself with these awesome list of tv show (I hope one of them, or all of them are your favorite too) !!. Because today I have these 6 my favorite tv show that I want to share it to you guys (psst, there will be some spoiler if you haven't watched them yet). Without further a due, let's begin!! 

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 
This month, the season 12 of Grey's Anatomy are finally back with new story of Meredith Grey and the hospital. After Derek Shepherd died in previous season, now Meredith facing new reality living as widow, and two sisters under one roof. She live with another Shepherd, Amelia (Derek's sister) and Maggie, Meredith step sister in her former house. Dr Bailey become Chief of Surgery. Alex & Jo move to a loft together. April finally comeback from Jordan and willing to reworked her marriage with Jackson. There are new interns that makes everything interesting. So, who's ready for new season of Grey's Anatomy? Well, at least I am! 

Once Upon A Time Season 5 
Remember what the previous season finished the line? The energy of Dark One suck into Emma Swan body and makes her disappeared? The new season finally back with set of Camelot Kingdom and the story of Emma Swan become the new Dark One. I don't know you still prefer Mr Gold as The Dark One, or you like to see Emma being dark and evil one? If you miss how fishy and evil Rumpelstiltskin, you'll see him a lot in this season. Until today, they already airing episode 4 of this new season. Careful, you might love Emma Swan as the new Dark One like I do now..

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 
Curious with what happen to Mystic Falls when Elena put down in a long comma and Damon Salvatore can't do anything about it? Or do you want to know what happen between Caroline and Stefan Salvatore now? You might have been waiting this new season of The Vampire Diaries. You don't need to wait any longer, they are here to continue the story of Mystic Falls! Yeay for that!

Finally, Emily Salvatore regain her long family to live again (vampire never really died until the heart pull out from the body or they will died for a while if they have dagger in their heart, you know it right the rule?) and come back to Mystic Falls. This family is quite strong, because not only they are vampire, but also witches. Scary combination. You should watch, how the whole town should move out because the invasion of Emily family might be dangerous for the people, and how Stefan Salvatore and the gang willing to live side by side with their own crazy mother. Gonna be interesting and full blood bath season, without Nina Dobrev in it (she left on the previous season and put Elena down in a long comma for a while, until Bonnie die).

Limitless Season 1
You probably had watched the movie version of this series, played by handsome Bradley Copper as Eddie Morra. Nah, this series version will played by Jake McDorman (yes, this guy play in Manhattan Love Story, but the show got cancelled). The story still the same, about a guy named Brian Finch with his messy but stuck life. His life changed when he introduced to drugs called NZT-48 by his long life friend. But thanks to the drugs, his life never be the same again. Suddenly he become one of the smartest person in the world (for at least 12 hours before he took the next dose) and also work for FBI.

The development of the story is pretty good. Telling us about FBI cases and how with the help of NZT, Brian help to solve it. I don't know if its coincidence or what, but you'll see the girl from Brian past (he said this girl the one that got away) Shauna, is actually the same girl from Manhattan Love Story, played by Analeigh Tipton. Weird, huh? That one just little bit spoiler. I won't tell anymore, because you have to watch it first and tell me what do you think of this series. Now they airing episode 5. Tell me, which one better, the movie or the series?

Switched At Birth Season 4 
This series isn't new for this month, but they still aired on ABC Family and still telling story about Bay & Daphne and the family. As for Bay, after broken heart thanks to his long time boyfriend (no they are just an ex lover or friends), Bay continue her life without Emmet. The show gave her new love interest called Garret. You would know him from ANTM model cycle 22. Deaf model but so gorgeous hot, you'd love him. As for Daphne, her relationship begin to develop with Mingo. For Emmet, he continue doing his college life in LA, so you won't see him so often in this show. But if you curios what might happen next, you should just watched them, rather than I told you all the spoiler right?

By the way, I heard they are discussing about this show for season 5 already! Yeay!!

Young & Hungry Season 2 
If you read until this part, please say Yeay on the comment box below. Because this month we will say good bye to this season of the show, as they are reached their season 2 finale. I don't know when they will continue for the season 3. But for sure this show has been renewed for another season. Confirmed! For me, this show is originally-awesome! I love Gabi and Josh, and wondering why they haven't get together yet and Josh let Gabi went away, again. Ups, sorry for another spoiler. But for sure  you need to check it out what's happening on the show, and to get the answer about my spoiler.

But the good news is, they will have one special Christmas episode aired on November 24th at 9 pm (America time) as part of "Countdown to 25 days Christmas" event. So just can't wait!

So, what is your favorite tv show, or you want to recommend your favorite tv show, please list down on the comment box, I'll try to watch them! Happy watching and happy weekend, people!

XO, Fienna N 

Weekly Notes #3

Monday, October 19, 2015
Dear You,

I apologize for not writing the weekly notes #2 and just jump to the number 3, I was sick last week. I know it wasn't the real reason, but it was one of the main reason why I haven't write any post for the last couple weeks. I tied up with something, other than work. Can't really tell, because I don't know what to tell anyway.

So, little bit scoop of my update. Tonight I went out with someone I used to know back then. It was nice evening, went out for movie and we talked. Nothing serious, nothing personal either. It was just small talk. But, then I saw one post from Instagram. A quote.
It says "Don't look for happiness in the same place you lost it." It hit me, just like that. Brief story, I was lost my happiness to this person 2 years ago for some stupid reason he said to me. For all the reason of losing happiness, this one was the cruel, dumb and stupid but also the truth one, the one kind that you just can't deal with it.

Tonight, it wasn't about me look for the same happiness from the same person again. No, not about that. It's about me looking for my new happiness, a peace with my past life. For the reason I can't explain, sometimes it's just hard to let go. When its happening, we tend to hate the person that hurt us, that makes our heart ached so bad, then finally we can let go the past.

I used to feel that way. I used to hate him because what he did to me 2 years ago. But then what? I keep hating him, makes me hate the part of my self too, it's round circle that will never end. Then I got a stupid idea to become just a good friend again with this person. Sometimes it doesn't work, because I still want him to feel as much pain as possible, the way I felt back then. Oh man, I could write all the pain like for couple page long. But then I know I got nothing.

Hatred is one silly feeling. One thing for sure, he got his own karma and God made him pay it. Its already win-win solution. And I feel nothing. Okay, I was smiling and grinning when I heard about it, he deserved it. But do you know what I really want from him? One sincere apologize from his deep heart. That's it.

Life taught me a lesson. It doesn't have to be us that give them some sweet revenge. It doesn't have to be us who give them lessons. What we can do now (after being hurt of some jerk-badass) just let it go whatever hold us. When the time is right, they will come around and feel guilty about what they did to us before. We just need to be good and welcome them. Welcome them, doesn't mean you forget what had happened before (this for avoiding being dumb for the second time).

I know bad memories wont go that easily, but doesn't mean you can't make peace with them. Sure it needed time to heal everything, but sure too you can do it.  Let go your past, don't think much about it, and let God do his job to help and protect you, so you can get back there and have your own beautiful life.

Good night & good luck little fellas! 

Weekly Notes #1

Monday, October 05, 2015
Dear You,

Like I told you before on the previous post, I'd start something new here. Writing a weekly notes, little scoop summary of my life in the past week. Not sure how I can pull this off in the middle of everything, but I'm gonna try it anyway.

Since elementary school, I never be the popular kind of girl. I don't make a lot of friend. I remember I only have few close friends, the kind of friends that really close although really far miles away, but still be there when I need them. At least I have 1 or two really close friend from each stage of my life, and still feel blessed. I do socialize in the small and the same circle. It's easy to get to know me better, but to make someone our good friends, it does takes time. Although, I wasn't in purpose being selected for a new friends, I'd love to hangout with anyone. But I guess time does all the works. Sooner or later, we would know, which one truly good, and which one is not worth fighting for.

In relationship, I always be typically of one timer girl. When I'm into someone, mostly I'd fall hard. My heart is just really weak piece of meat. I fall easily, but let go hardly. I find it easier for me to move on when the guy push me away, wait till one click (turning point), then I'd get over it. 2 years ago, I had my last break up. One thing I regret the most was, I didn't fight better. Just give up like that. That's what I want to do for the next relationship, fight more for the one I love. So at least, when everything need to be done, I wont have any regret left.

As an Aries, it's easy to give up things we started with fire spirit. Well, Idk if its an Aries thingy or it just me, but maybe I need to change that. Start to fight and remember why I started it in the first place. There's always be a reason to stand up to what we believe. Whatever it is. That positive energy, is the one I need now. The positive energy to do not give up easily and give more effort. Because they say, if it's worth it, then why not fight for it?

Good night & good luck!

Greetings : Black & White in this October

Sunday, October 04, 2015
Hello there again!

October is finally here. What you guys up to in this October? For me actually not much, as much as I can recall. Although I have few things to do for my job, getting all things done beautifully before my big break next month. Yes, if everything goes smooth, I will have short overseas trip with my Mom and my sister. But I will tell you the detail next month. I am pretty excited for this trip, finally can have time off from reality.

By the way, do you like my new head banner? It's new and I love it. Since I am trying to runaway from something personal, so I need to disciplined my self for more post, and the good one posts. I wanna try daily post, not a journal type of post thou, but something that close with our daily routine. Hope I can pull this things of. If I can't make it, then I am apologize in advance. With my work and all the personal things going on, trying get everything done is quite a challenging thing to do. But I'm on it, trying my best.

So, how was your weekend going on? Mine, was pretty good. I had lunch slash early early dinner with my family to celebrate my brother birthday today. It's just a normal eating out day in a sushi restaurant. What would I say, we are the kind of family who loves sushi damn much, so almost every member of family birthday we always had dinner at sushi restaurant. But seriously, I am really in a huge trouble eating with chopstick. Just can't do it right. Please, if you read this and want to teach me how to use it properly, I'll be really blessed and thankful.

One more thing, I think I will have a weekly notes every week, like on Saturday or Sunday. Not sure for what, but I feel like I need to write down a little scoop of my life. Nothing in detail, because it's not a journal or anything, just to write down summary of my week going on. I hope I can make it too.

Hey, it's October. Are you ready for Halloween party in end of this month? Have you prepared any costume, or you actually making it now? Who you want to be this year? Whoever it is, good luck! Tell me your costume inspiration on the comment box down below, I'd love to read all of it!

XO Fienna N


What would you say to someone younger than you?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
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Dear 24-year-old,

Take it easy with love when it comes to you. Don't take it so seriously, life doesn't end when you two broke up. By the way, forever is such a powerful word and really a long period of time. Don't easy to say you love someone when you just in love with them or maybe you like them so much in short time. Go have fun little bit more, because its nothing wrong with that. Do get close with your family and (especially) parents, because they're all you have when life gets hard. And please, be selective when you are choosing new people to be your friends or lover. Because even the harmless one (who looks like an angel) could lead you into hard broken heart, and hurt you the most.

A 27-years-old

Most of the time, before I started my work in my desk, I read timeline in Facebook. I know some people not use Facebook that often like we used too anymore, but there's always new thing I found there than any other social media. I do not post things anymore, what I thought or what I do, but sometimes I just did share things (most of time I share are post from this blog).

But today, I found few video that catch my interest. One of them are from CBC Radio, with title "Wire Trap : How to age gracefully." It's basically a message from someone older than certain age, telling things that their youngest person should know about (or at least that what I catch).

That message above the video are my message to whoever that in under 25th years old. Be happy because you are still under 25th. Have you heard that life gets harder when you are older. So maybe I have younger reader, my advice is don't grow up too fast. Your life isn't go anywhere or leave you alone. Enjoy your time with your loved one as much as possible.

So, what would you say to someone younger than you, so they can live and age gracefully? Share me your thought on box down below, just to make sure they know.

DIY Project : It's SCRABBLE Time!

Friday, September 25, 2015
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Yeay, hello again!

It's been a while since I did my last DIY. This time I am back with not only one DIY, but two! Don't worry, as always these DIY will be easy, affordable and also fun to do in your free time. You can also give it for a friend if you want to.


I've been in love with this scrabble tiles for years, and finally I post about Scrabble DIY this time. Totally yeay moment for me. Short story, A month ago when my best friend told me to meet her before her wedding, I have an idea to give her something. Just a little give from me. And I come up with this scrabble ideas. Well, it turns out pretty good and I was in love while making it. I'm glad she loves it too. That's why I think this idea would turn out great too for simple DIY that you could do at home.

In this post, we will make 2 DIY. It's mini scrabble on the frame and scrabble tiles coasters. It will be fun and you will amazed before you know it. Ready for the next DIY? Here we go!

You will need : 
  • A photo frame (mine 4x6 inch)
  • Scrabble tiles 
  • Wrapping paper / scrapbook paper of your choice 
  • White glue 
  • Scissors
How to : 
  • Prepare the paper you want to use as a background, cut it off same size as the back wood of the frame. Glued the paper into it. Put back the back wood into the frame again. If you use scrapbook frame, you can keep it the glass, but since I use photo frame, I don't use the cover glass. 
  • Arrange the word to the paper first before you glued it. Its important, so you can get the right position for each tiles. After that, glue the back of the tiles one by one. Give little bit space from each other. You can play with the position as you creative as you are. 
  • And you are done! Voila! You get a new art for side table of your bed or on your desk. As a giveaway also cute. 
You will need : 
  • Felt (for the back)
  • Scrabble tiles
  • White glue (don't use paper or stick glue)
  • Scissors
How to : 
  • Arrange the word of your choice first before you glued them. It's okay, it may take a while if you haven't get any idea. I saw this on Pinterest. You can make 4x4 tiles or more. 3x3 tiles is too small for coasters. 
  • Once you are done, try to glue one of the tiles and place it into the felt. Repeat that process again with all the tiles. Don't forget to glue the side of the tiles as well, so it will stick with the next tiles. 
  • When you are done, wait for a while until the glue get dry. Once it dried, you can cut the rest of the felt. And there you have it, new coaster for you tea or coffee.  
Do you like this time DIY? I'm glad you love it. Well, see you on the next post.
Until then, see ya!!
XO Fienna N 

Friday Fifteen : 15 Q&A Friendship & #BFF

Friday, September 11, 2015

As I say last week, the theme of the month is about love. Since love isn't all about you and your partner, this week I want to share about my best friend. As far as I remember, I don't have many friends. For best friends, I only have couple of people around me. It's kinda lonely sometimes, I know. But they are like my treasure, really deep and understand me somehow, and I love them.

Q&A this week, I will answer few question, that lead me to one or two particular best friend (or I think he/she is my best friend because we've been friends for quite long time). Without for more a due, let's hit it!

1. When and how did you and your best friend first meet? 
A : It was in 2003-2004, I was new student in high school. A senior try to get to know me. Before I know, he become one of my good friend, until now.

2. Where is you and your best friend favorite's place for hangout? 
A : We love hang out in coffee shop in our area. We could hang out there for couple hours, talk about anything.

3. What are the two things your best friend does not know about you? 
A : That he thinks I always seems happy and have zero worries with boys all around me, which is wrong (I just can't show it to him that I also sad because always failed). Secondly, I don't know what will be the second things, since he know all about me. Oh yes, except one thing, I kinda jealous sometimes when he talk too much about another friend of mine that he had crush on a while ago. 

4. If you were out together, what would your best friend eat? 
A : Well, he loves noodle and fried rice, that for sure. For coffee, lately he loves that mocha latte and avocado coffee that mostly I ordered. Ah, I think he basically just loves food.

5. What do you most admire about your best friend? 
A : His ability of hiding whatever inside his feeling and mind. Seriously, he's the most mysterious man I've ever met. I can't read his mind (not that I'm a mind reader). When he sad or mad, you can't see it on his face, he mostly look all happy and smile a lot. And he's really good friend too.

6. What is the one thing that annoys you most about your best friend?
A : He know me too well, and somehow its annoying for me. I know it probably a good thing that your best friend know stuffs about you, but then you can't lie to him. Not even a bit. Without me telling him a clue, suddenly he just knew. I think his super power is reading mind. He's a mind reader.

7. What does your best friend think about the most?
A : Future. How to make lots of money. Get an ideal girlfriend that he can marry someday.

8.  What did you give for birthday present to each other?
A : Since he's not a demanding person, he never really ask for anything. Last birthday I only gave his favorite tiramisu cake. This year birthday he gave me nothing but awkward feeling because he wasn't there for my birthday and when my grandpa died. But last year and a year before that, he gave me Persian cat and makes me cried each time.

9. What would your best friend do if they won a lottery?
A : Buy a motorcycle that he always dreamed about, then get his dreaming girl and get married. And buy a house too.

10. Where does your best friend want to live when they get older? 
A : I think he want to live in sub-urban area..

11. What is the weirdest thing that people said about you both and your friendship? 
A : First I thought this was weird, that almost all people told me and him will end up together. Before my reaction was just staring at him. Now, I just passed it. They can tell me all those things, but if God say no, then nothing will happen. *smile*

12. How would you describe your best friend's ideal partner/spouse? 
A : Someone with good heart, pretty, tall, good figures, easy with kitchen, can rock a motorcycle, and also can rock his life.

13. When you both hangout together, is there any kind of rule applied? 
A : Ah yes! Before we had no phone allowed, so we can focus on quality time together. And no more say each other ex-partner name, or the one who said it pay around Rp 50K (it's 5 bucks). But then each of us keep violated the rule. Now, we had no rules, but sometimes still applied it until one of us crush it!

14. Do you know what is your best friend dream job? 
A : He told me once want to have liquor bar, which I object! But I guess its not his dream job.. Anything that gives his money and freedom and makes him happy, I think he would do it.

15. Last, what is your best friend best quality as a friend? 
A : Mostly he will be there and listen to my story. He won't force me to tell him, he will just wait until I spill the intro and he will know the rest. I enjoy his company each and every time, and I blessed with his present around me when I needed him. I hope I would be the same to him. My life much better when he's around. I just want to say thank you to God because he give me him as my best friend.

So, how was it? Do you have story about you and your best friend? Tell me, because I'd love to hear some. Leave your story on the comment box, and see you in the next post!
XO Fienna

Friday Fifteen : 15 Blogs for your Daily Inspiration

Friday, September 04, 2015
Like I told you before, one of my favorite apps is Bloglovin on my iPad, so I can read all the post from my favorite blog in one place. Nah, this time I'll share you some of my favorite blogs, that you can read them daily, get inspired in the morning to complete your day! These blog I will divide into few parts, which is ; DIY & Home Decor, Fashion & Makeup, Featured Article & last is Lifestyle.

Please do follow them, because they're all AWESOME!! 

DIY & Home Decor 
1. A Beautiful Mess |
2. Apartment Theraphy |
3. I Spy DIY  |
4. PS. I Made This |
5. Oh Happy Day |
6. Poppy Talk |

Fashion & Make Up 
1. Make Up Savvy |  
2. Vivianna Does Makeup |
3. Le Fashion |

Featured Article 
1. Career Girl Daily |
2. Living Loving |
3. World Of Wanderlust |

1. Lauren Conrad |
2. Michelle Phan |
3. The Bride Dept |

Feel inspired already? Great! Not feeling it yet? Don't worry, I'll come again with some more extra! Or which one is your favorite, share it to me on the comment box down below!
See you on the next post!
XO Fienna Nurhadi

Friday Fifteen : 15 Q&A about Love & Life

As like I said before, since this month gonna be full of love, so I will be answering some questions that I found outside (still waiting for your question on the box down below) about love and life. Without further a due, let's hit the questions! 

1. Do you believe in 'love at the first sight'?
A : Sort of, although these days that rarely can happen.

2. Have you ever talked marriage with another person? 
A : Yeah, few times. With friend and sometimes my significant other.

3. What is your favorite way to spending quality time with your partner/boyfriend?
A : Going out for a date, from morning till night. We talk, we laugh, we share some stories and making good memories too.

4. Do you fall for a person fast?
A : Oh hell yeah. I'm such an Aries hard core, easy to fall for someone, but hard to move on. That's why I really should careful, since my heart is really weak.

5. Do you think it's right to compare a friendship and a romantic relationship?
A : Compare in terms of what? For me friendship (the good one) always have special place in my heart. Where love can come and go, friendship mostly stay last longer than romantic relationship.

6. Do you think there is something special about a person's first love? Why?
A : Maybe yes, maybe no. There's always a story, even behind the curtain.

7. What is your idea about romantic evening?
A : He prepare and cook for me. He prepared a candle light dinner in the park, with carpet and few big bean bag lay around them. there will be projector to watch movie, then there should be music played and fake raining.. after that he drop me home and kiss me good night.. such a dream..

8. Do you already make peace with your own past or you still fight against it?
A : Still trying to make peace, but I don't hate them. I'm done with hating people. They do my favor, become my own self this days, so instead of hating them, I think I should thank them. Maybe. I don't hate them, but doesn't mean what they had done for me was okay.

9. Where do you see yourself, 10 years from now?
A : Hopefully already married, with 2 kids and great small business. I love working at home. Flexible time for business and family too.

10. Which is the fun-niest/cheesy pick up line that has been used on you?
A : I think you are made out of cooper (CU) and tellurium (TE) because you are CUTE. I found it someone said that on OKCupid, and that one is funny!

11. Do you believe that soulmate is exist for every person?
A : Yes absolutely!

12. Have you ever kissed a girl?
A : Nope. But I think I don't mind try it someday.

13. What are you doing first when you wakes up?
A : Check all my social media (messages, reply some of them), stuck a while with Bloglovin and Instagram, then Path, then get ready for work.

14. What you would do if you diagnosed with terminal Cancer and got only 3 months left to live?
A : Just lived. Well, maybe do something I always afraid to do. Quit my job, get married, donate most of my money, register for some organ donate, and go for something I never done it before.

15. How would you like to be remembered?
A : Tough question, because never think about that before. 

So, do you have any question for me? Leave me your question on the box down below, and I will answer for the next Friday Fifteen Q&A! See you on the next post!
XO Fienna Nurhadi

Greetings September : When the Heart Fall

Tuesday, September 01, 2015
I know, for most people, the love season is in February. Which there are Valentine day to celebrate. But, I never really celebrate Valentine anyway, so for me, love is in the air can be happening anytime. 
I don't usually go for a theme each month, but for these month, I will go for one. In this blog, this September will be little bit different. I will be posting more about love, heart and feeling talk. Reason why I'm doing this, because this month I have couple of friend that also gonna get their special day. One of them get married, few of them are having their birthday, as for me, I'm in love. 

It's a big deal for me, when I find new love interest after 2 years resting your heart. I'm not gonna say he's the one, because it way too soon. For now, I just want to enjoy and let everything flow like it should be. Not sure how long it gonna last this time (because last time I check I was pretty bad at keeping relationship together, and some of my friend told me that I'm really good at kicking guy away. Lol), that's why what I'm gonna do just lived and be happy. Be loved and give some more love. It feels damn good *blush*.

I heard this quote from Leo in Chasing Life (ABC Tv Show) said that "Worrying about future is not living. Today, we lived! This right here, this is living." Embrace the time that given to us, feel grateful about what we have, and I think keeping a positive mind is not such a bad thing anyway. 

So, are you really to fall in love again? Because this month gonna be the month full of love, the month of rise up and put your smile back on. Like the quote I wrote on that picture above, you will meet someone that makes you happy. Follow your heart and do what makes your soul happy, because you deserved it. 

What topic of love you want me to cover? Let me know on the comment box! 

15 Interesting Q&A with Me

Friday, August 21, 2015

I always love quiz and interview, it feels like searching our limit when facing some questions. , and I'm starting to think that I want to do this weekly. That's why I come up with 'Friday Fifteen' every Friday. It will be more than a Q&A, that's why you should subscribe so you wont missed it out.

You can send me your questions for me or if you have general topic you want me to write via email : fienna(dot)nurhadi(at) or my Instagram & Twitter : @fienna_nurhadi. No need to wait more, here are my answer for some interesting questions : 

1. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
A : Movie ticket for Inside Out movie last night on IMAX, it was GREAT movie. Very recommended.

2. Have you been pulled over by a cop?
A : Yeah, a couple times.

3. Do you know your heritage?
A : You meant family heritage. Yeah, I think I know. My dad and his family told me once.

4. Have you ever danced in the rain?
A : Yesh I have. It was good, you should try. But I got cold after that.

5. What is your blood type?
A : It's A, and my (real) name also started from an A. A for awesome!

6. Have you ever been in a car accident?
A : Not a major one. My first car accident was 3 years ago, when it less than a month after I got my first car (still drive the same one ever since).

7. Best compliment you have received?
A : Wow, how creative you are!

8. Do you trust anyone with your life?
A : Hm yeah, I think it's probably my dad. I trust him more than anyone. And also my good friend, especially when he's driving.

9. What is your greatest strength or weakness?
A : Tough question. My weakness, I'm easily get bored with something. My strength, when I love something, I'd love them hard, and I'm pretty loyal too.

10. What is your perfect pizza?
A : So far as long as there's mozzarella cheese, salami, a lot of beef, a bit paprika, mushroom & pineapple. Yummy. Okay, I'm hungry now, let's order one!

11. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
A : Okay this is random (I actually did say this to my self). Why I dreamed about Kanye West and that boy (actually he is in the same age with my younger brother, and he's cute. I had crush on him once).

12. Do you get along with your family? Why or why not?
A : Yeah, I do. Fight sometimes, but still we are family. Where would I hide from them?

13. Ugly and live forever, or attractive and die in a year?
A : Another tough question. I think I'd prefer ugly and live forever.

14. You discover that your wonderful one year old child is because of a mix up at the hospital and not yours. Would you want to exchange the child to correct the mistake?
A : Hm maybe not. Because she/he is my kid by then. We had memories. But I'll let the other parent's know and do the exchange when the kid little bit bigger.

15. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you to be and what would you do?
A : Actually I really don't know, haven't think about it, so I'll think about this later..

So, do you already have an idea what to ask me? It could be anything, as long as it's appropriate. I'll be waiting here for your questions. See you on the next post! Enjoy!

5 Ways to Being Happy in the Middle of Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter life crisis. I've been join this club (they aren't really a club), few years ago. After I graduated college in age of 23's, I feel like little bit empty inside. Not sure what I'm gonna do after. I know I should just kick my ass back to my country and apply for a job (hopefully the right one) to dozen company until I get one. But at that time I wasn't the person who like to work behind the desk for 9-5 (it sounds so boring to me and I still don't like it till now). The younger me loves college life so muc, but I have no choice than to go back to my own country and start a new life like everyone else.

Now, 4 years later, I am still far behind what I'd expected when I graduated. My dream is to be able stand on my own, doing my own (small) business and don't need to work behind desk 9-5. Other than that, in my 27's still pretty aimless, moneyless and manless at the same time. Pretty much in the middle of quarter life crisis I am right now. Lol. But, the good side of this story is, I have pretty much everything I need to keep me going and makes me still happy. For this one, I bet you also have the same basic things that also will help you to get through this life crisis.

Are you confused about this quarter life crisis, or is it you are really get into one? Well, you can check yourself out whether you are in this crisis or not with these 25 signs you're in the middle of quarter life crisis post I found in other day by Buzzfeed. Couple important questions in this crisis are, which one you would prefer, getting married soon and become a housewife or build up your empire of career because you have no partner in life at the moment? Don't worry, everyone would ask some responsible answer of your life at some point, when you actually still feeling like your life still wanna have fun like when you are in age 17/18 yo. But here's some ways to keep being happy while you face to face with this crisis : 

1. Family 
Although I am not really a family kind of person, I still love and enjoying my time with my family. Both my parents are busy, my dad and I meet only few times in a month. But we have some quality time over dinner. Family is our home when everything gets hard, like they will love you unconditionally, no matter what you getting through in life.

In some time, I also enjoy hang out with my cousins. We travel together couple times in a year, have this 'family kongkow (hangout time)' when we get together for special event. Although most of us are apart, still there's always a way to find some quality time. I like to see each and every one of us grow in different path but still together. Family time are the best, you can't compare with others.

2. Friends and Best Friend
Everyone need friends and at least a best friend. They are the one that gonna light up part of your world other than family. Even the darkest part of your life that you had, will feel so much better if you have your people around you. It will feel so much lighter and definitely will give you more laughter than you alone.

But you can have as much as you can possibly have friends around, can't compare with having your best friend in your side whenever you feel down or get dark. Quarter life crisis is harder than any crisis for some people. Having your best friend is one of the best solution. Although she/he can't give you solution of your problem, their company will give you at least better mood. Feeling lonely and alone in this crisis are the worst.

3. Your Dreams & hobby
For those who likes dreaming (sleep and dream high), having your dream in your mind will give you extra strength to keep going, although it might not happen anytime soon. But still. Actually, this one will help you keep sane in a way to get through this crisis. It may help your booster your mood. It what happen to me. Whenever I feel down, just think of my dreams and I will meet weekend soon enough to do my hobby, well crisis, I'm gonna hit you hard.

4. Me-time
We all have different description about me-time and what we are gonna do about it. For me, sometimes it just me and my drive my car around town. I enjoy driving long hours, because it's only me and him (yes I mostly called him) for few hours, nobody else. I can sing, I can tell, I can scream, it wont hurt anyone else, and no one's care anyway. Those time help me much better with problems, because I can talk to myself (yes I do speak to myself in my car because no one will think and look me like a weirdo). Absolutely a great times for me-time, better than just stay at home and doing nothing.

Although, other than driving around the city, I do still love roaming around the mall, just to watch people, get a cold frappe, have my self hair treatment and watch movie alone. I think that's a definition of me-time for girls. Hahaha. 

5. This blog :
I wouldn't lie, its need so much effort to keep going with what I have so far. But this blog always remind me to keep doing what I love to do in the middle of this crisis, which is writing. I created this blog long time ago because I was feel lonely when I study abroad. Last year I changed this blog domain name because I feel I need to do something to keep me happy, with something under my name. Believe it or not, this blog is one of my simply happiness. That's why I keep looking for some good topic for me to discuss and for my reader to read. This one just full of fun thing while doing it.

Whatever you're doing to keep yourself going while this quarter life crisis facing you, keep doing that as long as its positive. It's good to have place, someone or things to booster your mood and help you get through the rough day. As long as you keep doing what you love in the middle of something you hate, makes that 'zero nothing' become 'huge something', stay young and creative.
Don't forget to tell me your version of keep being happy in this middle of quarter life crisis on the comment box down below. I'll come back with another #Personal post, next week!

3 Cemilan Baru di Bogor

Thursday, August 13, 2015
Sepertinya ini kali pertama saya menulis tentang review makanan, terlebih cemilan. Nah, mumpung weekend di depan mata, yang mau mencoba cemilan baru di kota Bogor, boleh banget nih mencoba 3 Cemilan Baru yang lagi mulai ngehits di kota Bogor. 

#1 Churrio Churros
Kamu bisa temukan mereka di sebelah Vamilk di jalan Pandu Raya, Bantarjati - Bogor. Buka setiap hari dari jam 4 sore sampai jam 7 malam dan tutup di hari Senin. Buat yang malas keluar rumah, kamu bisa delivery order kok (dengan minimum order). Untuk info lebih lanjut, bisa cek Instagram mereka ya. Harga mulai dari Rp 23K, cemilan satu ini punya beberapa rasa yang patut dicoba dan dipping yang enak.

#2 Bite Donut 
Bite Me Wise (BMW) Donut bisa kamu temuin di 3 lokasi berbeda di Bogor. Mereka ada di Jln Panduraya (di seberang Vamilk), di Cisarua dan juga di Cipaku. Tanya lebih lanjut tentang mereka lewat Intagramnya ya. Saran saya sih, pesan langsung aja, karena donut mini ini cepet banget sold outnya. Apalagi dengan ukuran mini, topping yang beragam dalam 1 box, kamu pasti ketagihan! 

#3 Comouflice-Cream 
Satu lagi nih cemilan manis yang patut dicoba kalau kamu datang ke Bogor. Camouflice Cream menyajikan ice cream dengan topping seru dalam pot. Iya dalam pot! Ada 2 menu yang bisa kamu coba. 2-2 nya mirip banget sama tanaman asli, tapi dijamin enak. Cek Instagram mereka ya buat info lebih lanjut.

*Image yang ditampilkan sudah seizin Churrio Churros, Bite Me Wise & Camouflice

See you on the next post and don't forget to leave your comment on the box down below if you like it!
XO - Fienna N

9 TOP Apps That Makes your Life Easier

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
The story behind this post is come when I read a post on Bloglovin. She wrote about 5 Apps that will help you reduce stress (or something like that). Then I think I should do my version (See, my version. I feel inspired by her post) of apps that actually makes my life easier. So here they are (most of them I believe already you had, but I'll still write it anyway, in case you still need it) :

You probably think that you need nutrition specialist for your diet, but before you spend more money to hire someone just to let you know how much food you should eat each day, better be you download this app. This app will help you to calculate how many calories in your lunch or how much more you need to fulfill your needed. One of my favorite, because this app can calculate every food I type. You think you need to do diet, this one will be your pal!

Hm.. I admit, I'm not really into gym thing, but even that I still find this apps is helpful. It feels like having the personal trainer (which is will cost you a lot). There's few exercise you can choose : Strength, Cardio, Yoga & Stretching, or if you want to combine you can choose + Custom Workout. This app also will help you get the right move with video that they have. Smart choice for daily workout!

Clue is basically an app for track down your period. It will help you to predict when is your next cycle (not always exactly right, but it helps). You can also input your daily mood, fluid, period (light, medium, heavy or spotting), what kind of pain you feel, how your sex today and else.  

Finally! One of my favorite apps and it's help me a lot when it comes for editing picture and add some stickers. If you are wondering, what app I used for editing image (mostly for Greetings monthly), I use this Fuzel College. Although I should warn you that not all stickers or theme in this apps are free, but do not worry, because they are really fun and easy to use. And they also often do discount or promo for new things. You really should have this! Don't forget to check their Instagram for daily inspirations @fuzelapp.

Since I love blogging and read blogs, this one is have must apps (or you also can read through desktop). How it makes my life easier? Because I can find my favorite blogs feed all in one place (as long as that blog have RSS feed). Easy. So I don't need to jump from one site to another just to fulfill my blog post craving (I know, where I've been so far).

This famous all in one inspirations source that we all love also one of my favorite app. Who doesn't love Pinterest? Seriously, you must be haven't feel the life yet. Just kidding. But I'm not kidding when I say you should have this app on your phone or/and your iPad/tab. This one helps me through the day, just to see beautiful pieces of art, or search fun DIY project to do for weekend or simple yet healthy meal. All things in one app. BOOYAH!

Scannable will help you to scan, save and send your important file. I find it helpful, especially when the image I need to scan is pretty big (like more than A4 big -- most of printer scanner are only A4 size big) like half page of newspaper (5col x 380mm, don't ask me how do I know the size. As an Account Executive and works with newspaper, its a basic thing. Lol). Trust me, it will helps you more.

Who doesn't know Shazam? This one helps you to give you at least song title from a random song that you heard from radio or somewhere else. Well, most of us maybe have love some music but just don't know who sing it, then this one is one of must have on your phone. 

Now, let's get serious. If you are like me, who pretty bad on managing money, then it's time for you to have money managing apps. I use this one, because it's simple and easy. Who said managing money would makes your life living hell?

So, how is it? I hope one or two or most of these apps will help you makes your life at least little bit better.
See you on the next post!

Greetings August : Let's Start for a New Adventure!

Monday, August 03, 2015

Ahh Yes!
Finally August is here! We already passed half of year 2015, there's still another 6 months for have fun before we wrap up this year! So, have you got new plan to do in this month? Well, for me, I guess I already make a list for what I wanna do in this beautiful month called August! 

For this month posts, I've been preparing some material that I'll post it later on. Couple #DIY Project for you to try, one movie #Review for you to read (and watch later on your free time), and hopefully I can give you at least one hangout places #Review by the end of this month. 

What else for this month, if you may ask. My favorite TV show from ABC Family will airing again. New episode of Switched at Birth on 24th of August and Young & Hungry on 19th of August. I couldn't be happier. Can't wait for story of Bay and Emmet and of course Josh and Gaby. You seriously need to catch them, because they really great and I love them!!!  

Hahaha, so yes that's my few plan for this month, hopefully everything can goes well. Before I end this month #Greetings, I would like to share one of my personal life story I got last night. I admit, my personal life sucks in few department. I don't know why, it just not work well. But I guess God always listen, eventhou He didn't answer right away. 

My last relationship was 2 years ago (and yeah now I'm still single and happy). It started with summer fling, then we got closer and I fall for him, hard. I still remember, it was 3 days after our-little-short getaway-from-the city, he suddenly act weird and called off the relationship. I was devastating. Confused and seriously don't know what was happen. He stop text and gone just like that. I know he was there, but he just not really 'there' anymore. Dealing with it was really hard. 

Less than a month after that, his name suddenly come of again on my phone screen. He said he wanted to be my friend, I said yes and he bring his thunder. He officially have a new gf in his heart. For God sake, it was less than a month since we broke up. I was still little bit confused, and even more with his visit. I swear and ask to God, please make him feel hurt as much as I felt before. Somehow I feel betrayed, and I wish he gets what I feel.. 

2 years passed and he make a statement last night. He realize that maybe God punish him right now. A month ago he broke up with his gf, and now the ex get a new guy. I guess karma hit him damn hard right now. He didn't say sorry thou, he just said now he knew what it feels like to be me 2 years ago. 
Read that statement, makes me smile and say, "Finally God answer my wish. I hope you learn things from this in a good way." 

I know it's bad to swear something bad happen to someone else. But when you get hurt really bad, it just happen and you just can't help it. It was 2 years ago, I get through it well. It was hard, I admit but that experience makes me stronger, maturing and help me to see things better. I hope he could handle his experience just like I did or maybe even better, and do not play with someone else life again. I don't do believe in karma by the way, it just that I believe whatever we did in the past to others (good or bad) someday we gonna get the same price.

I would like to give you this video that you can watch whenever you feel down about your self after bad break up, so you can lift up yourself and start enjoying life again. This video made by Raditya Dika with title "Kepada Orang yang Baru Patah Hati".

Happy August, and don't stop making new adventure, guys!
See you in the next post!
XO - Fienna Nurhadi

#Review : Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani (2013)

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Setelah sekian lama gak bikin movie #Review, akhirnya saya balik lagi. Masih seputar Bollywood. Kenapa Bollywood? Hm karena review Korean dan Western pasti sudah bertebaran, jadi saya memilih yang satu ini. Lagi pula saya suka film-filmnya kok. Kita mulai yuk..

Apa yang akan kamu temukan di film ini?

Nah, kalau kamu mau itu semua, berarti kamu wajib nih nonton film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (yang berarti 'This Youth is Crazy' dalam bahasa Inggris) ini yang release tahun 2013 lalu. Belum terlalu lama kok, tapi jelas masih asik banget untuk disimak, terutama buat para penggemar Ranbir Kapoor seperti saya. Hehe. Film yang mendapat peringkat box office ini juga diperankan oleh Deepika Padukone sebagai main actress.

Film ini dimulai dengan adegan hantaran undangan pernikahan ke beberapa tempat. Salah satunya ke seorang gadis, yang ketika ia membukanya, ia teringat pada sebuah kenangan 8 tahun lalu.

"Sometimes the smallest of things, triggers memories so stranger and so beautiful that leave us speechless. Memories are a funny thing. The small pieces of our past. They are always safe in our memories. Memories are like chocolate boxes, once open you can't stop at just one." - Naina Talwar

Meet Naina Talwar. Dia adalah mahasiswi jurusan kedokteran yang pemalu dan nerdy. Menghabiskan waktunya untuk belajar dan patuh pada orang tua. Hampir tidak pernah bersenang-senang ataupun melakukan hal spontan untuk hidupnya sendiri. Suatu hari ia bertemu dengan seorang teman lama di sebuah supermarket saat berbelanja dengan ibunya. Aditi, seorang cewek tomboy dan mahasiswa jurusan seni. Cewek itu bercerita kalau mereka akan berlibur dan mendaki pegunungan Manali bersama dua orang teman, Avi dan Kabir "Bunny" Thapar. 

Bunny aka Kabir Thapar, adalah mahasiswa jurusan jurnalis, selalu bermimpi untuk menjelajah dan keliling dunia. Dia tidak berencana settle down ataupun menikah. For Bunny, marriage is like eating boiled food for 50 years till you die. Life's gotta have The basic concept of marriage is flawed. Better to never get married than do it 5-6 times.

Perjalanan ke pegunungan Manali membuat Naina menjadi dekat dengan ketiganya, terutama Bunny. Perjalanan itu pun membuat Bunny mengajarkan Naina untuk bisa lebih bersenang-senang, tertawa lebih, dan yang lebih penting adalah untuk belajar mencintai. Sementara itu Bunny dan Naina sadar melihat perasaan Aditi pada Avi yang jealous ketika cowok itu selalu flirting pada cewek-cewek lain, tapi keduanya tidak membahasnya. Disaat yang sama, Naina mulai merasakan sesuatu untuk Bunny.

"Just stop feeling bad about yourself and start loving who you are. You're fine, just be who you are." - Bunny
Kata-kata itu membuat Naina berubah, lebih membuka diri dan belajar untuk lebih mencintai hidupnya. Ketika trip mereka hampir berakhir, Naina nyaris saja bilang pada Bunny tentang perasaannya, tapi terganggu oleh Avi yang menemukan surat penerimaan beasiswa Jurnalis dari Northwestern University di Chicago milik Bunny. Bunny bilang ini adalah trip terakhirnya sebelum meninggalkan India untuk pergi ke Chicago. Teman-temannya sedih, tapi tetap mendukung keputusan Bunny. Sampai trip itu berakhir, Naina tidak mengungkapkan perasaannya pada Bunny. Setelah trip berakhir, Bunny menghilang seperti kedipan mata, 8 tahun lamanya dan Naina tidak pernah sekalipun menunggunya.

The laughter, the madness, the friendships, these memories. 

Filmnya selesai? Gimana endingnya? Kok cuma segitu aja? Tenang, filmnya belum selesai kok, kita baru setengah jalan. Lanjut yuk.. 

8 tahun berlalu, 4 sahabat ini sudah melalui banyak perubahan. Bunny, si tampan dan charming ini sudah menjadi jurnalis travelling profesional, kehidupannya yang sering berpindah-pindah dari kota satu ke negara lain. Avi, sudah menjadi seorang pengusaha yang sering gagal karena kebiasaan judi dan minum-minum, tapi masih punya mimpi untuk memiliki bar minuman keras. Naina, sudah menjadi seorang dokter dan bekerja di sebuah klinik. Sementara Aditi, sebentar lagi akan menikah dengan Taran seorang engineer. Berkenalan dari hasil perjodohan. Padahal Aditi yang dulu adalah seorang yang tidak mau menikah karena dijodohkan. 

Mereka berempat bertemu lagi dalam rangkaian prosesi pernikahan Aditi. Terus gimana nih kelanjutan perasaan Naina? Apa Bunny juga punya perasaan yang sama, atau dia memilih untuk tetap berkeliling dunia dan enggan menetap? Nah kayaknya kamu perlu banget nih nonton sendiri film yang satu ini. Dijamin gak nyesel. 

Seperti film India yang lain, menari saat menyanyi memang gak mungkin terlupakan. Ada beberapa lagu yang bisa kamu dengar, salah satunya Dilli Wali Girlfriend (dinyanyikan saat acara battle dance antara pihak pengantin laki-laki dan pengantin perempuan) yang menampilkan Bunny dan Naina ngedance bareng. Atau Badtameez Dil, saat Aditi's & Taran Rehearsal Dinner yang dibawakan apik oleh Bunny yang datang sebagai kejutan. 

Pernikahan dalam budaya India terlihat lebih seru ya dibanding yang di Indonesia, walaupun kita menang dalam hal jumlah tamu yang diundang. Tapi untuk susunan acara, India jelas lebih banyak. Pernikahan di India berlangsung 3-4 hari, meliputi ritual sebelum menikah, resepsi pernikahan, dan riatual setelah menikah. Sebelum menikah pun akan ada acara menari dan menyanyi seperti yang sering kita lihat dalam film Bollywood. Pernikahan di India identik dengan suasana yang ceria dan ramai karena menampilkan berbagai warna dari pakaian, perhiasan sampai ke pernak-pernik pernikahannya. 

Uniknya film India menurut saya karena mereka menampilkan keseharian, budaya dan kebersamaan di setiap adegan. Makanya gak pernah bosen untuk dinikmati. Gak hanya tarian dan nyanyian. Well, kamu juga bisa melihat aktor-aktor muda yang berbakat dan menarik mata. Film ini adalah salah satunya. Tunggu sampai beberapa quote dalam film ikut masuk ke benak kita.. 

Saya bisa jamin sih kalian akan menyukai film ini juga seperti saya.
Lagu-lagu yang asik di film ini : 
  • Badtameez Dil - Benny Dayal 
  • Balam Pichikari - Vishal Dadlani  
  • Ilahi - Ajrit Singh
  • Kabira - Rekha Bhardwaj
  • Diliwali Girlfriend - Sunidhi Chauhan
  • Subhanallah - Shilpa Rao
  • Ghagra 
Semua lagu di atas bisa kamu temuin di iTunes atau toko musik lainnya. Nah untuk liburan kali ini yang belum ada rencana, bisa nih dicari filmnya, ditonton bareng orang tersayang. Gak hanya soal percintaan dan persahabatan, tentang keluarga dan petualangan pun ada di film ini. Lengkap deh! 
Jadi, selamat menonton. dan selamat liburan semua.. 

See you in the next post! 
XO - Fienna N

50 Q&A Random but Fun (Part 2)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Like I did before, this my next post about 50 Q&A Random but Fun Part 2 (If you missed the first part, you can read it HERE PART 1). I can't really tell what this is about, unless you read it one by one. Since it's random like its titled, mostly they aren't related to one another. Answering these bunch of questions is really fun! You should do it. Take this as #TagYourFriendsChallenge.. If 50 sounds too much for you, you can sort it out into 25 only, and post it onto your instagram account with your pretty summery smile and your hand holding ice cream with cone. Sounds you had so much fun already!

So, let's hit the post guys! Enjoy!!

26. Q : Things you have in common with your parents?
A : With mom, we both loves baking. With dad, we both like decorating and we both loves Apple product.

27. Q : What is to the right of you?
A : My iPhone, wallet, and notes. Still at work.

28. Q : A favorite memory with a sibling?
A : Enjoying our family holiday at my grandmother place in Bintan. It was wonderful times to remember.

29. Q : What is something you wish you'd done?
A : Pick a better major when I was in college. It would be a complete different story than now. Actually, I wish I know my passion earlier.

30. Q : What are some of your favorite blogs/Youtubers?
A : LaurDIY, Michelle Phan, Lauren Conrad.

31. Q : Do you sing in the shower?
A : I do, sometimes. But I sing all the time when I drive. Like no one would care anyway. My car, my rule. Hahaha.

32. Q : Something others have described you as...
A : The super skinny Fienna, or some of them would call me creative since I like to write and do art-craft thingy.

33. Q : Name of every pet you've had...
A : Wah I think I would make pretty much the list. I had mostly cats. It was Snowy, Kuro, Yuki (Snowy and Kuro were couple and had few kittens, one of them was Yuki. Now all of them dead. It was few years back), Grey (Grey was a male cat, persian and adorable. I had him back in Malaysia. He died when I was doing my internship, the story crashed me badly). Another Grey and Mas Boss (both of them my best friend gave me for birthday present. and both of them were lost few months after. Sad and it breaks my heart). Now I have Putem (this one actually my neighbor cat's, but since they are not treat him well, so I 'adopt' him. He follow me around every time I'm home. Such a cute one). When I was in Malaysia I had one guinea pig, named Shocky, since every time he got shocked, he makes noise. 

34. Q : Your favorite superhero?
A : Easy. Sailor Moon was the first and I always want to be one of them.

35. Q : Two of your fears are...
A : Dark places and out of battery.

36. Q : What you're majoring in college/what you plan to major in...
A : I was majoring communication advertising, but I wish it was design product. And I want to do next is creative marketing.

37. Q : What is your favorite season?
A : Indonesia doesn't really have season. But I like winter, since I never see snow (I see it through tv show) and autumn looks great.

38. Q : What is your current favorite series to watch during your free time?
A : Seriously? This would makes long list.

39. Q : Why your best friend is your best friend?
A : Silly question. Because they know me somehow better than i know myself, and i know them and i enjoy their company.

40. Q : How did you come across your favorite band/singer?
A : Through soundtrack of movie i guess.

41. Q : Occupations you wanted as a little kid?
A : I never dream to be a crafter, but i was wish to be a doctor. Well, every little kid always want to be a doctor. They just don't know yet, how hard to be one.

42. Q : Are you an introvert or extrovert?
A : Can't i just say, both. Or little bit both.

43. Q : When was the last time you drank?
A : Water? Just few minutes ago. Alcohol? I don't drink them.

44. Q : How many pillows do you sleep with?
A : More than 4.. Small small pillow and some of them are so fluffy.

45. Q : Are you a "safe" driver?
A : Hahaha. You should ask to those people who had been experience drive with me. Well, so far it's safe, i guess. Because i haven't get into major accident, yet.

46. Q : Something that's bothering you right now?
A : My car still with my brother, while I drive my father's car, and I keep thinking about this one guy I met yesterday.

47. Q : How many CD's do you own?
A : I don't know. I don't collect CD anymore, most of album I bought in digital form.

48. Q : How many books/magazine do you own?
A : A LOT! LOL, like really a lot.. I love reading magazine and collect them (So, I have the e-book version and hardcopy one).

49. Q : How many aunts and uncles do you have?
A : More than 10 for both side.

50. Q : Top 5 (Something)
A : You really should read my blog more. I wrote down a lot of top 5 this and that already.. But for this one I'd make top 5 of random stuff I love personally : 1. Love love driving alone, its me-time. 2. I named almost everything I own, like my car (Jazzy), my old mac laptop (Levi, inspired by character my favorite actor played), my neighbor cat (Putem). 3. I like lipbalm more than lipstick. 4. Don't really like wear skirt, except for special occasion and it has to be something with glitter or glamour. 5. Whenever I date someone, I'll wait quite sometime (like more than 6 months) to finally get him to meet my parents.

I'll see you on the next post! Have a great weekend universe!!

50 Q&A Random but Fun (Part 1)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

After answering 50 Questions that you can ask to yourself Part 1 & Part 2 (just click the underline to see my answer), now it's time to read some fun stuff and as random as possible. Let's the quiz begin!

1. Q : What was the last book you read?
A : Indiepreneur by Pandji Pragiwaksono. It's about how to make money from your passion. Great book, reading it like read a story that Pandji told.

2. Q : Do you like roller coasters?
A : I think if I brave enough to ride it, I'd like it.

3. Q : Day or night?
A : Well, depend. But I like sleep late and really not a morning person.

4. Q : What do you hear right now?
A : Not much.. My office today is really quiet, only sounds of printer and some music that I play on my iTunes that i can hear. and probably my tummy saying that 'I need food. Give me some food'.

5. Q : What would you name your son or daughter if you had one?
A : I think one of them I'd name them Skylar and my son would be Bara. Bara means the fire flame. For Skylar, I don't know, I just like to hear that name, even before I know one actor named the same.

6. Q : Do you want kids? Why or why not?
A : Well, although somehow kids hates me for some reason, I'd love to have kids on my own.

7. Q : What's your favorite memory with your best friend(s)?
A : To saw her drunk (it might be her first time) and did something to her ex-bf that makes both of us laugh out loud whenever we talked about it. It was on college by the way.

8. Q : How many times did it take you to pass your driver's test?
A : Maybe once.. I already can drive before i took driver's test.

9. Q : The scariest dream you had?
A : It's too scary and I don't really remember

10. Q : The last thing you ate was....
A : Chicken with red sauce

11. Q : How tall are you?
A : 171 cm, tall enough without heels.

12. Q : A band you want to see live is....
A : Not really fans of any specific band, but I'd love to see Maroon 5, Bruno Mars and his peps again, and maybe Taylor Swift someday.

13. Q : Do you have a hero/someone you look up to? If so, who?
A : My Dad, obviously.

14. Q : Do you like to swim?
A : No. I don't do swim. I can't swim. I don't know if its a disorder or what, but whenever I'm in the pool, I'm starting to panicking.

15. Q : Things you look for in a guy/girl?
A : Another wow and simple question but it got me thinking. Actually their appearance is the first one, then quality and how they can make me enjoy to be around them for a long time (chemistry).

You are still with me? It's fun, right? Finish it read this post and you can comeback tomorrow for some more Q&A part 2!!

16. Q : Has a book/movie ever upset you?
A : Book, so far so good. I like the way I can imagine better. Movie, some movie makes me upset because its below my expectation. Like Minion.

17. Q : What was the first instrument you learned to play? (if any)
A : Angklung, traditional music made by bamboo, and gamelan (traditional music intrument and it was keyboard.

18. Q : Some of your hobbies include...
A : Make a dress like total project runaway. Like really in rush. I had wedding invitation on Saturday or Sunday, I'll start to looking for all material on Thursday, make it on Friday and hopefully it would looks just great on the Day.

19. Q : How do you deal with anger?
A : Most of the time I'll just go some place to calm it down. Because I learned it in hard way when we were angry, better be not talking anything to anyone, unless I don't care about what's gonna happen next.

20. Q : Something you like about your appearance is ....
A : I look younger than my real age, and quite taller compare to other girl, so I don't really need high heels to makes me looks tall, unless I want it too.

21. Q : What was the last movie you watched?
A : Two night stand and The age of Adaline.

22. Q : Do you have a favorite ghost story? What about a personal ghost story?
A : I don't like ghost story.

23. Q : Where is the farthest from home that you've gone?
A : This by country? Hm it would be UAE, for Umrah. For study I went to Malaysia and Cambodia (for study tour).

24. Q : Have you met anyone through Tumblr that you'd like to meet?
A : Not from Tumblr.

25. Q : Do you look like your parents?
A : I don't know. People who saw me before said I looks like my Mom.

Wait, I'm not done yet. You can see the next part of this Random but Fun Q&A tomorrow. This time I'm not gonna miss it, you not gonna missed it either. It's on scheduled already. 
So, I'll see you in the next post, Part 2!
XO - Fienna N

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