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DIY Polkadot Watercolor Wall Art

Saturday, July 11, 2015
I think it was a month ago since I did my last #DIY project for this blog. Don't worry, I did one more last week and I'm about to share you the project. Since I'm in love with watercolor effect these days, so my next #DIYProject for this weekend would be Polkadot Watercolor Wall Art. Please ignore the lack of my handwriting on this tutorial, I know I should work better on it, but let me introduce you to this week #DIY Tutorial that would nice if you want to hang on your wall... 
As like I always say, it will started simple and with those material you could find around your house even your own room. Let's get started. For this #DIY Project, you will need : 
  • Big photo frame (mine was from IKEA with 40 x 50cm) 
  • White carton paper (cut as big as the frame size) 
  • Paint brush 
  • Watercolor pencil 
  • Pencil
  • Something round for making those polkadot, make sure its not too small or too big.
  • Board marker, you can choose either black or gold. I prefer gold but it turns out not that good.  
How we started it? Here's how : 

1. As for start it, you can start to make some round with the object that you choose. I was using the top of glue bottle, its quite big around 2,5" size. I make around 4 row on the top and 4 row on the bottom of the paper. Do not make too much pressure when you lining it down, as you will erase it when you get it into color. There's no such a rule about how you want those rounds to be placed too, don't make it too close or too far from each other, it doesn't have to be symmetric as well. Do as you pleased. 

2. After you done makes some rounds, start choosing color you want for those polkadot. Do it as random as possible. If you want you can mixing up some colors too. I planned my color with some sketch one color one round, randomly. Before you coloring full round, make sure to erase pencil line, so it would looks only with color you choose not black pencil color as frame. 


3. After that, start fill the round with the color you choose. Mine was looks like the picture above. But please do more bold color, it would give you good effect when you do paint brush with water later on. Since I planned on do some write in the middle of those polkadots, I make some room, that enough to fit for 3 row of line. To make it easier, I draw 3 thin line with a ruler. Do this after you fill all the round with watercolor pencils. 

4. I know I'm really bad at handwriting, that's why I recommend you to do some practice before you write down on your polkadot paper, this just to avoid what I did on my paper. Seriously, I'm not even proud of it. 


So, I was planned to write BLOGGING IS MY CARDIO!! COME VISIT MY BLOG AT : But as you can see it looks like something went on disaster. Really not proud of it and I'm sorry. But we should moving on. 

5. After get your empty space written some line of your choice, you can start take your paint brush, dip it into water and start brushing it on you polkadot color round. It will take some times, but if you need help of someone else, please do ask. 


6. After you give water touch, it would be like this. Little bit a mess and it looks like been done by 7 yo kid, I know. But I think it would be not that bad if we give a frame after this. And you are basically done! Congrats!

After you put it into a frame, it would looks like this. Not my best work, but I still like it. It gives some color into my wall, and I still need to hang it on my wall to see it better. And I think that's all it. 

I have new idea for next week tutorial already, and since my holiday is coming (next week and a week after, yeay!), I plan to do few other tutorial. I hope there will be enough time to write everything here.And yes, it would be some more polkadot wall art, I promise it wont look as messy as this one. It would look vibrant for your room instead. 

So, yes I will see you on another next post. And don't forget to stay tune on my blog because I have another 50 Questions to answer by this week. Nothing serious, just wanna have some fun, I promise! 

XO - Fienna N
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