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Greetings : July the month of Fun

Thursday, July 02, 2015
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July oh July.
What you remember the most about this sun flower month? Tropical season? Holiday season starting? Or summer fashion is in again? Whatever it is, I hope its gonna be wonderful as those flowers blooming in this season.

For me, July is about new beginning of fun time. We can do some fun time on any other month, but for me July has the best one. For those who works for living, maybe July become one of favorite month, because we can finally get our a week of without thinking about our client or what our boss want. After Raya (Eid), we can get our free time. I think I will spend it with my family and my hobby. I already makes plan what I'm gonna do later. Hopefully I can make few tutorial DIY wall decor so I can share it with you guys (I know I keep saying it to do that tutorial but you haven't see much here lately.. I'm really bad at keeping promise, sorry for that).

One more thing, maybe instead of writing it on my blog, how about I start to show it to you through video, like what Youtubers doing it these days. Yesterday, I tried my first public Vlogging at IKEA during after office hour. It was weird holding my phone up, and start talking by myself. I saw few people staring at me, like I was freak or something. Thankful, it was weekday, not so many people came. Plus, this month is fasting month, not much people prefer hangout in place where you should do long walk.

It was my first and testing experience to do vlogging publicly. I don't know how those famous Youtubers does it. It's impressive how confidence help them and ignore what other people think of it. My confidence wasn't that good, but I'll try again later with at least pocket camera next time, using my iphone was weird and the battery drains pretty fast.

So, what's this summer have for you? Have you ever think to do something fun for this beautiful season? Share it with me on the comment box down below...

See you on the next post!
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