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5 Ways to Being Happy in the Middle of Quarter Life Crisis

Friday, August 21, 2015
Quarter life crisis. I've been join this club (they aren't really a club), few years ago. After I graduated college in age of 23's, I feel like little bit empty inside. Not sure what I'm gonna do after. I know I should just kick my ass back to my country and apply for a job (hopefully the right one) to dozen company until I get one. But at that time I wasn't the person who like to work behind the desk for 9-5 (it sounds so boring to me and I still don't like it till now). The younger me loves college life so muc, but I have no choice than to go back to my own country and start a new life like everyone else.

Now, 4 years later, I am still far behind what I'd expected when I graduated. My dream is to be able stand on my own, doing my own (small) business and don't need to work behind desk 9-5. Other than that, in my 27's still pretty aimless, moneyless and manless at the same time. Pretty much in the middle of quarter life crisis I am right now. Lol. But, the good side of this story is, I have pretty much everything I need to keep me going and makes me still happy. For this one, I bet you also have the same basic things that also will help you to get through this life crisis.

Are you confused about this quarter life crisis, or is it you are really get into one? Well, you can check yourself out whether you are in this crisis or not with these 25 signs you're in the middle of quarter life crisis post I found in other day by Buzzfeed. Couple important questions in this crisis are, which one you would prefer, getting married soon and become a housewife or build up your empire of career because you have no partner in life at the moment? Don't worry, everyone would ask some responsible answer of your life at some point, when you actually still feeling like your life still wanna have fun like when you are in age 17/18 yo. But here's some ways to keep being happy while you face to face with this crisis : 

1. Family 
Although I am not really a family kind of person, I still love and enjoying my time with my family. Both my parents are busy, my dad and I meet only few times in a month. But we have some quality time over dinner. Family is our home when everything gets hard, like they will love you unconditionally, no matter what you getting through in life.

In some time, I also enjoy hang out with my cousins. We travel together couple times in a year, have this 'family kongkow (hangout time)' when we get together for special event. Although most of us are apart, still there's always a way to find some quality time. I like to see each and every one of us grow in different path but still together. Family time are the best, you can't compare with others.

2. Friends and Best Friend
Everyone need friends and at least a best friend. They are the one that gonna light up part of your world other than family. Even the darkest part of your life that you had, will feel so much better if you have your people around you. It will feel so much lighter and definitely will give you more laughter than you alone.

But you can have as much as you can possibly have friends around, can't compare with having your best friend in your side whenever you feel down or get dark. Quarter life crisis is harder than any crisis for some people. Having your best friend is one of the best solution. Although she/he can't give you solution of your problem, their company will give you at least better mood. Feeling lonely and alone in this crisis are the worst.

3. Your Dreams & hobby
For those who likes dreaming (sleep and dream high), having your dream in your mind will give you extra strength to keep going, although it might not happen anytime soon. But still. Actually, this one will help you keep sane in a way to get through this crisis. It may help your booster your mood. It what happen to me. Whenever I feel down, just think of my dreams and I will meet weekend soon enough to do my hobby, well crisis, I'm gonna hit you hard.

4. Me-time
We all have different description about me-time and what we are gonna do about it. For me, sometimes it just me and my drive my car around town. I enjoy driving long hours, because it's only me and him (yes I mostly called him) for few hours, nobody else. I can sing, I can tell, I can scream, it wont hurt anyone else, and no one's care anyway. Those time help me much better with problems, because I can talk to myself (yes I do speak to myself in my car because no one will think and look me like a weirdo). Absolutely a great times for me-time, better than just stay at home and doing nothing.

Although, other than driving around the city, I do still love roaming around the mall, just to watch people, get a cold frappe, have my self hair treatment and watch movie alone. I think that's a definition of me-time for girls. Hahaha. 

5. This blog :
I wouldn't lie, its need so much effort to keep going with what I have so far. But this blog always remind me to keep doing what I love to do in the middle of this crisis, which is writing. I created this blog long time ago because I was feel lonely when I study abroad. Last year I changed this blog domain name because I feel I need to do something to keep me happy, with something under my name. Believe it or not, this blog is one of my simply happiness. That's why I keep looking for some good topic for me to discuss and for my reader to read. This one just full of fun thing while doing it.

Whatever you're doing to keep yourself going while this quarter life crisis facing you, keep doing that as long as its positive. It's good to have place, someone or things to booster your mood and help you get through the rough day. As long as you keep doing what you love in the middle of something you hate, makes that 'zero nothing' become 'huge something', stay young and creative.
Don't forget to tell me your version of keep being happy in this middle of quarter life crisis on the comment box down below. I'll come back with another #Personal post, next week!
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