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9 TOP Apps That Makes your Life Easier

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
The story behind this post is come when I read a post on Bloglovin. She wrote about 5 Apps that will help you reduce stress (or something like that). Then I think I should do my version (See, my version. I feel inspired by her post) of apps that actually makes my life easier. So here they are (most of them I believe already you had, but I'll still write it anyway, in case you still need it) :

You probably think that you need nutrition specialist for your diet, but before you spend more money to hire someone just to let you know how much food you should eat each day, better be you download this app. This app will help you to calculate how many calories in your lunch or how much more you need to fulfill your needed. One of my favorite, because this app can calculate every food I type. You think you need to do diet, this one will be your pal!

Hm.. I admit, I'm not really into gym thing, but even that I still find this apps is helpful. It feels like having the personal trainer (which is will cost you a lot). There's few exercise you can choose : Strength, Cardio, Yoga & Stretching, or if you want to combine you can choose + Custom Workout. This app also will help you get the right move with video that they have. Smart choice for daily workout!

Clue is basically an app for track down your period. It will help you to predict when is your next cycle (not always exactly right, but it helps). You can also input your daily mood, fluid, period (light, medium, heavy or spotting), what kind of pain you feel, how your sex today and else.  

Finally! One of my favorite apps and it's help me a lot when it comes for editing picture and add some stickers. If you are wondering, what app I used for editing image (mostly for Greetings monthly), I use this Fuzel College. Although I should warn you that not all stickers or theme in this apps are free, but do not worry, because they are really fun and easy to use. And they also often do discount or promo for new things. You really should have this! Don't forget to check their Instagram for daily inspirations @fuzelapp.

Since I love blogging and read blogs, this one is have must apps (or you also can read through desktop). How it makes my life easier? Because I can find my favorite blogs feed all in one place (as long as that blog have RSS feed). Easy. So I don't need to jump from one site to another just to fulfill my blog post craving (I know, where I've been so far).

This famous all in one inspirations source that we all love also one of my favorite app. Who doesn't love Pinterest? Seriously, you must be haven't feel the life yet. Just kidding. But I'm not kidding when I say you should have this app on your phone or/and your iPad/tab. This one helps me through the day, just to see beautiful pieces of art, or search fun DIY project to do for weekend or simple yet healthy meal. All things in one app. BOOYAH!

Scannable will help you to scan, save and send your important file. I find it helpful, especially when the image I need to scan is pretty big (like more than A4 big -- most of printer scanner are only A4 size big) like half page of newspaper (5col x 380mm, don't ask me how do I know the size. As an Account Executive and works with newspaper, its a basic thing. Lol). Trust me, it will helps you more.

Who doesn't know Shazam? This one helps you to give you at least song title from a random song that you heard from radio or somewhere else. Well, most of us maybe have love some music but just don't know who sing it, then this one is one of must have on your phone. 

Now, let's get serious. If you are like me, who pretty bad on managing money, then it's time for you to have money managing apps. I use this one, because it's simple and easy. Who said managing money would makes your life living hell?

So, how is it? I hope one or two or most of these apps will help you makes your life at least little bit better.
See you on the next post!

2 comments on "9 TOP Apps That Makes your Life Easier"
  1. umm, is it for Android or iOS? Salam kenal ya Fienna :)

  2. It's for iOS. But maybe they make it for Android as well, just check them out. Iya sama-sama :)


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