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DIY Project : It's SCRABBLE Time!

Friday, September 25, 2015
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Yeay, hello again!

It's been a while since I did my last DIY. This time I am back with not only one DIY, but two! Don't worry, as always these DIY will be easy, affordable and also fun to do in your free time. You can also give it for a friend if you want to.


I've been in love with this scrabble tiles for years, and finally I post about Scrabble DIY this time. Totally yeay moment for me. Short story, A month ago when my best friend told me to meet her before her wedding, I have an idea to give her something. Just a little give from me. And I come up with this scrabble ideas. Well, it turns out pretty good and I was in love while making it. I'm glad she loves it too. That's why I think this idea would turn out great too for simple DIY that you could do at home.

In this post, we will make 2 DIY. It's mini scrabble on the frame and scrabble tiles coasters. It will be fun and you will amazed before you know it. Ready for the next DIY? Here we go!

You will need : 
  • A photo frame (mine 4x6 inch)
  • Scrabble tiles 
  • Wrapping paper / scrapbook paper of your choice 
  • White glue 
  • Scissors
How to : 
  • Prepare the paper you want to use as a background, cut it off same size as the back wood of the frame. Glued the paper into it. Put back the back wood into the frame again. If you use scrapbook frame, you can keep it the glass, but since I use photo frame, I don't use the cover glass. 
  • Arrange the word to the paper first before you glued it. Its important, so you can get the right position for each tiles. After that, glue the back of the tiles one by one. Give little bit space from each other. You can play with the position as you creative as you are. 
  • And you are done! Voila! You get a new art for side table of your bed or on your desk. As a giveaway also cute. 
You will need : 
  • Felt (for the back)
  • Scrabble tiles
  • White glue (don't use paper or stick glue)
  • Scissors
How to : 
  • Arrange the word of your choice first before you glued them. It's okay, it may take a while if you haven't get any idea. I saw this on Pinterest. You can make 4x4 tiles or more. 3x3 tiles is too small for coasters. 
  • Once you are done, try to glue one of the tiles and place it into the felt. Repeat that process again with all the tiles. Don't forget to glue the side of the tiles as well, so it will stick with the next tiles. 
  • When you are done, wait for a while until the glue get dry. Once it dried, you can cut the rest of the felt. And there you have it, new coaster for you tea or coffee.  
Do you like this time DIY? I'm glad you love it. Well, see you on the next post.
Until then, see ya!!
XO Fienna N 
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