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Greetings September : When the Heart Fall

Tuesday, September 01, 2015
I know, for most people, the love season is in February. Which there are Valentine day to celebrate. But, I never really celebrate Valentine anyway, so for me, love is in the air can be happening anytime. 
I don't usually go for a theme each month, but for these month, I will go for one. In this blog, this September will be little bit different. I will be posting more about love, heart and feeling talk. Reason why I'm doing this, because this month I have couple of friend that also gonna get their special day. One of them get married, few of them are having their birthday, as for me, I'm in love. 

It's a big deal for me, when I find new love interest after 2 years resting your heart. I'm not gonna say he's the one, because it way too soon. For now, I just want to enjoy and let everything flow like it should be. Not sure how long it gonna last this time (because last time I check I was pretty bad at keeping relationship together, and some of my friend told me that I'm really good at kicking guy away. Lol), that's why what I'm gonna do just lived and be happy. Be loved and give some more love. It feels damn good *blush*.

I heard this quote from Leo in Chasing Life (ABC Tv Show) said that "Worrying about future is not living. Today, we lived! This right here, this is living." Embrace the time that given to us, feel grateful about what we have, and I think keeping a positive mind is not such a bad thing anyway. 

So, are you really to fall in love again? Because this month gonna be the month full of love, the month of rise up and put your smile back on. Like the quote I wrote on that picture above, you will meet someone that makes you happy. Follow your heart and do what makes your soul happy, because you deserved it. 

What topic of love you want me to cover? Let me know on the comment box! 
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