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What would you say to someone younger than you?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
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Dear 24-year-old,

Take it easy with love when it comes to you. Don't take it so seriously, life doesn't end when you two broke up. By the way, forever is such a powerful word and really a long period of time. Don't easy to say you love someone when you just in love with them or maybe you like them so much in short time. Go have fun little bit more, because its nothing wrong with that. Do get close with your family and (especially) parents, because they're all you have when life gets hard. And please, be selective when you are choosing new people to be your friends or lover. Because even the harmless one (who looks like an angel) could lead you into hard broken heart, and hurt you the most.

A 27-years-old

Most of the time, before I started my work in my desk, I read timeline in Facebook. I know some people not use Facebook that often like we used too anymore, but there's always new thing I found there than any other social media. I do not post things anymore, what I thought or what I do, but sometimes I just did share things (most of time I share are post from this blog).

But today, I found few video that catch my interest. One of them are from CBC Radio, with title "Wire Trap : How to age gracefully." It's basically a message from someone older than certain age, telling things that their youngest person should know about (or at least that what I catch).

That message above the video are my message to whoever that in under 25th years old. Be happy because you are still under 25th. Have you heard that life gets harder when you are older. So maybe I have younger reader, my advice is don't grow up too fast. Your life isn't go anywhere or leave you alone. Enjoy your time with your loved one as much as possible.

So, what would you say to someone younger than you, so they can live and age gracefully? Share me your thought on box down below, just to make sure they know.
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