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Greetings : Black & White in this October

Sunday, October 04, 2015
Hello there again!

October is finally here. What you guys up to in this October? For me actually not much, as much as I can recall. Although I have few things to do for my job, getting all things done beautifully before my big break next month. Yes, if everything goes smooth, I will have short overseas trip with my Mom and my sister. But I will tell you the detail next month. I am pretty excited for this trip, finally can have time off from reality.

By the way, do you like my new head banner? It's new and I love it. Since I am trying to runaway from something personal, so I need to disciplined my self for more post, and the good one posts. I wanna try daily post, not a journal type of post thou, but something that close with our daily routine. Hope I can pull this things of. If I can't make it, then I am apologize in advance. With my work and all the personal things going on, trying get everything done is quite a challenging thing to do. But I'm on it, trying my best.

So, how was your weekend going on? Mine, was pretty good. I had lunch slash early early dinner with my family to celebrate my brother birthday today. It's just a normal eating out day in a sushi restaurant. What would I say, we are the kind of family who loves sushi damn much, so almost every member of family birthday we always had dinner at sushi restaurant. But seriously, I am really in a huge trouble eating with chopstick. Just can't do it right. Please, if you read this and want to teach me how to use it properly, I'll be really blessed and thankful.

One more thing, I think I will have a weekly notes every week, like on Saturday or Sunday. Not sure for what, but I feel like I need to write down a little scoop of my life. Nothing in detail, because it's not a journal or anything, just to write down summary of my week going on. I hope I can make it too.

Hey, it's October. Are you ready for Halloween party in end of this month? Have you prepared any costume, or you actually making it now? Who you want to be this year? Whoever it is, good luck! Tell me your costume inspiration on the comment box down below, I'd love to read all of it!

XO Fienna N

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